Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Day Shopping, Bad Day Budget

I am currently on a diet to lose quite a bit of weight - let's just say over 70 and leave it at that! Unfortunately, my preoccupation with food has been replaced with a preoccupation with Amazon books and yarn shops...Not to great for the budget! Soooooo I am going to try to make myself spend less time with my checkbook and more time with my bicycle and walking shoes.

On the weight loss side, I have been going to Jenny Craig for 3 weeks and have only lost 3lbs, which is better than none, but I need to pick up the pace! I joined under the 6 weeks for $36 so I have been trying it out. I wanted to make sure their meals didn't taste like Alpo--and surprisingly they are REALLY outrageously good. However I am not sure if I can afford to keep doing this past the six weeks--the meals and snacks run about $120 a week, not counting the dairy, fruit and milk I buy myself. After the six weeks are up I have to pay the standard $300 lifetime fee to continue...Oh well, I like the menu and will use their menus as a template. There is a week one and a week two menu and as far as I can tell, they stay the same, so this may not be something I can do indefinitely.

I got to hang out with my friend today --- lots of knitting and crocheting! Time passes so quickly! I'm working on a prayer shawl from the book "Knitting into the Mystery". It is an inspiring book and the k3 p3 pattern is sooooo easy to follow. Sue, my cohort, only crochets at this point (she too will submit to the darkside of knitting-I'm sure) so I was happy when I found a book of patterns entitled "The Prayer Shawl Ministry" that included instructions for prayer shawls. Good stuff abounds!

On the workfront, I am considering cutting down to mornings only....I really need to finish my degree and all the classes start at 4pm. So I am going to talk to our office manager tomorrow....It has been a really hard decision but I really need to finish my degree....

'til we meet again!