Saturday, December 05, 2009

Proud of the Kids!

As I sit here in the warmth of my house, my husband and sons are on Ft. Smith, Arkansas competing in the regional high school robotics competition.. All the kids worked hard for this and I'm really proud of them. At the beginning of the year, all the competing schools in the state meet at the same time and get the kits and specifications for the robots they are to build. The kids modify and create a robot that has to complete certain tasks during the competition. There is also a separate written and oral presentation that figures into the scoring process. Our kids did well enough to be one of 5 teams from our state to get to Regional finals. YAY CAMPUS COLTS! The final round of the competition is today--I'm sending positive thoughts their way!!
On the home side, the girls are growing in leaps and bounds--I'll post pictures next week. Hopefully we will have the coop out in the yard soon. If you are going to get chickens, I highly recommend having EVERYTHING in place--coop, fenced enclosure if you have dogs like we do, and every possible thing you need--before you bring those cute LITTLE chicks home. As I have discovered, chickens morph into really big chicken in practically no time. We have them in cages right now until the coop is completed, but a wise woman would have had this before the whole process started. Daily cage changing is a pain!!! And you REALLY have to change the pans daily or you end up with sick chickens. You have to keep the outside pens clean with daily maintenance anyway, but it is a little easier when they have the room to roam. That is the lesson for the day! Learn it well!