Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Remember Me?

I kept waiting for a really cool picture of a current project to post, but as you can see, I've hit an unproductive patch! And the bad part is there are two great project right at my fingertips! The cupcake hat and the baby Albert coat call to me, but I haven't had time to pick them up! I've got to learn to prioritize,I know. It should be KNIT,eat, sleep,work....I know it's all part of the cycle of life in general. but it doesn't make it any easier to look at my yarn stash and know I have the making for several projects if I just get started!!! I may just have to go to my LYS for a fresh round of inspiration....Luckily my destashing resolution did not say anything about pattern buying---so I've managed to stay pretty close to keeping it...notice I said PRETTY CLOSE...we all can't be perfect!

Seed catalogs are starting to come in with increased frequency---I can't wait to plant a garden this year. I haven't in about 3 years, and I really miss it. I am going to dig up the flower beds in the front of the house this weekend if it is warm, so I have plenty of time to amend the soil if needed. I used to grow tons of zinnias when we lived in Oklahoma --they grew with such ease! I have planted zinnias several times here with no good luck. I think it is my soil. Zinnias make wonderful splashes of color set in a vase in any room. Although one year I learned not to cup the flower with my hand after a rainstorm. Did you know bumblebees take shelter from the storm by pressing themselves to the underside of a really big zinnia? I found that out the hard way!!!!
I have bought a ton of veggie seeds this year. I want to can a lot more than I did last year--which will be easy since I DIDN'T CAN ANYTHING last season...How's that for setting the standard? Hell, if I can get one jar of jam canned, I've met the goal...snicker...

I guess I'd better start getting ready for work. Have a great day and knit a little for me (hey, just because I'm slouching doesn't mean everyone should follow my example!)...Pictures to come eventually (how's that for non-committal)...

Monday, February 19, 2007


After weeks of grey and windy days, today is sunny and windy. Wind can be a pain, but at least it is warmer. I don't have to work because of President's Day...not sure what makes this day special, but hey-it's a paid holiday so I'm not asking!I guess it's like Mother's Day, but for someone you may not like that much...

Sue (my friend and cohort in trouble and mischief) and I have a quilting class today, which will be great fun after our weekend cutting and sewing marathon. I went to her house at 3pm on Friday and left at midnight. We were pretty sick of cutting by Saturday morning so we took the day off and went from noon til midnight last night. Thankfully I had brought both my machines, so we each had a machine and it made the work go faster. We are going at a breakneck pace because it is part of a class--next quilt, we are going to work on it together and spread out the work. We'll do one for her together, then one for me....and so on. I'm sure her husband would love to have his kitchen and dining room back! With all the sewing, I neglected my knitting bag. I am going to disappear to a coffee shop this weekend and do some much needed knitting. Pictures later (although no promise of how much later the way my week has been going!)..

Have a warm and sunshine filled day, even if it is not in your neck of the woods!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cool Hat!

Check the link for a really neat hat from Now Norma Knits..it is her pattern for a Dulaan Cupcake hat....http://nownormaknits2.typepad.com/now_norma_knits_2/2007/02/cupcake_hat_for.html
I am soooooo casting on one of these this weekend! This looks like it will be a quick gratification project while I am working on the Baby Albert coat. I have some Lamb's Pride Bulky in my stash....actually I have a LOT of Lamb's Pride bulky in my stash....I really wish I knew how to do fair isle knitting--the top would look so cool with fancy designs. Actually, I may order some bulky yarn from Knit Picks (the destashing resolution just came crashing down) and dyeing it myself so it self-patterns, or has color variations (I'm thinking something glaringly festive like purples, blues and red/oranges thrown in for contrast....much like the colors I chose for the quilt I'm working one...oh, and some bright yellow highlights thrown in to add some dash...I know, it'll look like Mardi Gra threw up in wool...). I see so many neat things to knit lately, but there is not enough time for me to do them all, so I am learning to not bite off more than I can chew. I may need dentures by the time this is over.....

Warm wishes and cool yarn to you and yours!!!

Almost Perfect

I had the most perfect pictures of Sue and I quilting (or at least cutting fabric, sewing angles, ripping out the thread, cursing and re-sewing said block) ever. However after taking tons of pictures to share with you, I got home, went to the computer and proceeded to take the photocard out of the camera.......and that's where things tanked. I had left the photocard at home.....DARN IT!!!! They would have been good pictures. So instead I will leave you with pictures from this morning. The first one is of our little orphan. He has become quite comfortable, as witnessed by his REALLY loud snoring this morning, which did not endear him to the princess in the following picture. Witnessed by the look on her face as she stared at him and then looked at me with utter disgust that not only was he still here, but HE SNORES....

On the weather front--it is unbearably cold (as if I have a choice) and I want to hibernate. The kids didn't have school today and do not have it again tomorrow because of parent-teacher meetings, so I didn't have to worry about getting everyone motivated this morning. Hubby and son are in class this evening, so the boys and I hit the video store. They got PlayStation games to tide them over tomorrow and I got the movie "Sherrybaby". It looks like it will be really good and it has my favorite actress as lead character, but I just can't seem to get into it right now....It's due tomorrow, so I will have to find time for it before midnight....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Island Dreams...

It is 8 degrees outside.That would be OK if there were no wind,but this is Kansas...obviously staying inside and not braving the cold seems like a better option, however I am going to have to prepare myself to brave the elements and get out the door in just a little bit....I guess I shouldn't gripe too loud since they are getting FEET of snow in New York and other parts of the country. I get no sympathy from my relatives in Maryland..They figure if you can still see the top of your car, it's still a light snow..However, a fireplace sounds like such a good idea! Can you imagine that--I would never get out the door in the winter!
Didn't get to post pictures of my quilt color choices yesterday because I discovered that putting the recharging cable in your knitting bags is great IF YOU TAKE THE CORRECT KNITTING BAG TO WORK WITH YOU...I probably should consider not having more than one project bag going at a time, but that would make life so predictable.....tonight I will post pictures...(fingers crossed...)

More to come later--stay warm and drink good coffee!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Interesting days these are....

Today promises to be an interesting day--possibly stressful, possibly not.

First up: Last night, my oldest son mentions that he is going to call his friend in Pennsylvania. Since I was not sure what our long distance plan is, I told him to wait and check with Dad. To which he gets flip and tells me Dad already told him we had unlimited, and the only people he has been calling have been in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Canada....WTH!!! CANADA?!!!!!!!!
After recovering my heart rate---I ask him to clarify that he has been calling C-A-N-A-D-A----as in NOT IN THE UNITED STATES... As in INTERNATIONAL RATES....That would have only been half bad if he hadn't taken an attitude and said Canada is NOT LONG DISTANCE...Maybe I had the wrong textbook when I took geography in Oklahoma, or maybe Bush has done something I didn't see recently to extend our Northern borders, but last time I checked CANADA WAS NOT IN THE UNITED STATES....Long story short, hubby is going to call to see what the damage is so we don't have the heart attack when we get the bill since Brandon estimates he talked with he a total of 5-7 HOURS so far--as FAR AS HE CAN REMEMBER....we won't even go into where he thought long distance covered....I can assure you it does not go to Saskatchewan (I love spell check!) CANADA...

And Saturday we received a note from the middle school about grief counselors being on campus to help the kids talk about the student that passed away Thursday night--as we probably heard on the news and radio...again WTH? We are a small town, and the kids had off from school Friday, but none of the parents I knew could figure out what they were talking about. So I worried all weekend.

I have a quilting class today -- which I am REALLY looking forward to, but I am really stressed. I am going to make oldest get a job. I figure when he was little and I was a single parent, I went to school full time AND worked full time in addition to parenting responsibilities, so by golly he can work at least part time while going to school full time! And I may make him take a GEOGRAPHY class to boot....

I know....breathe.........

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Slow Sundays

It is a pretty grey day around here, so I will spare you any shots of outside. However, it is a great day to get some much neglected knitting done. Hubby is out flying (his passion)....I have a pot of good coffee from Paradise Roasters http://www.paradiseroasters.com/ (they have an unbelievable Mexican coffee), a load of clothes in the washer, and Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow CD playing on the cd player, so I feel entitled to sit and knit on the long overdue scarf for my coworker. I fully intend to get it completed this evening so I can weave in the ends (my least favorite part of the process) and give it to her in the morning. That will allow me to focus on casting on the Baby Albert coat. I started it, and then frogged it in favor of waiting until the scarf was completed so I'm not halfway between two projects....

I have a quilting class tomorrow at the County Extension Center with a friend. Who knew they taught knitting and quilting?!! And at a really good price! I am pretty hyped since it has been a long time since I have done any quilting and it will be fun to take the class with Sue. As usual my color choices are on the "bright side" --according to Sue. I know she was trying to diplomatic....Nothing mellow and subdued here! I will have pictures posted tomorrow of my fat quarters (the fabric, not MINE! There aren't enough attorneys in the world that can defend me on the aftermath if I did that...) and the scarf. I am hoping the recipient will model it for all to see.

Have a warm and fuzzy day filled with good coffee and great yarn!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I Wanna Llama

Ok---so I'm thinking, if I tell everyone it is a Peruvian Mountain dog, do you think I could get away with keeping a llama in my backyard? Didn't think so.....but just think of all that fiber..yummmmm. I would say an alpaca 'cause they're smaller, but they also cost almost as much as we will be paying to put one of my kids through college....and while the toss up on that is tempting, having an alpaca in the backyard means we will never be empty nesters.....Just a thought for the day....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Here is our orphan--he comes to the name Buddy, so that is what we will call him. He's a real charmer, however he was not real sure about the silver box in front of my face, so he would not pose. However, he wasn't really fond of the FedEx guy today, so he does have the ability to be protective.Ever hear a beagle bark? Holy Smokes! It's loud.And he's not real crazy about cats (great-we have 5).....I still can't believe someone didn't want him!!! One of the guys at work thought that maybe he was stolen by the lame-brains in the mini pickup in hopes of claiming a reward. When none was offered, they dumped him. Or that possibly he was the pet of the lame-brains relative that died and LB did not want to deal with him....but COME ON!!! Dumping him in a strange place in the winter?!...He has been well care for--and he's neutered, so I can't imagine someone would take care of him only to dump him on a country road. Ok--I'll shut up....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

To The Coward That Abandoned The Beagle

Yes, I know the chances of the coward in the maroon mini pickup who abandoned the beagle (on Ridge Road) reading this is slim, since people who abandon animals in the country are too white trash to own any technology, but I am going to vent anyway!

This evening on my way home from a friend's house, I took a country road that I occasionally take home when I want to take the long way....As I was driving, I saw a mini pickup pull off the road, open it's passenger door and then close it and back up. As they drove off, they left a beagle. I drove past and the dog just stared at me.....As I wrestled with whether hubby would be really angry if another animal appeared, I notice the dog in the road in my rear view mirror. The long and short of it--2 miles down the road I turned around.

As I approached the dog, it was sitting in the road with cars coming towards it. Thankfully they slowed down as I flashed my lights and went around the dog, who by this time was running from side to side in confusion. Obviously this dog was not sure of where it was! He came right to me and jumped in my car. I could see he had been wearing a collar because the hair was pressed down, but the cowards had removed it.

The kicker is that this beagle is the best behaved, docile dog I have encountered in a long time. He sits when told, stays when told, and is completely oblivious to the neighbor's dogs that are trying to attack it through the fence. My only concern is that it does not try to defend itself at all when Cocoa (our German short hair/black and tan mix) went after him. AND HE IS ALREADY NEUTERED.


My hope is that the coward in the mini pickup gets a dose of Karma and loses his home and everything he is familiar with!!!

There, I've vented...but darn, I wish I could have gotten a tag number on that truck!
We are going to see if possibly the coward had stolen the dog from someone and dumped him when they realized it was a responsibility, but other than that we are hoping to find him a good home with someone we know. This way we can keep tabs on him. The Humane Society in Wichita is not a No-Kill facility, so I am not going to take it there! He will stay with us until we find a suitable home. Surprisingly, Hubby did not get really mad. Actually he didn't get made at all. Possibly because the dog is at least neutered. And thankfully the guy down the street is dating a vet's assistant who looked and told me how to tell the dog was neutered...Hey, how was I to know? I've never had boy dogs!! But now I know it is pretty obvious if they aren't...we just won't go there on this blog....

I will post a picture of him tomorrow so you can see what a cute boy he is.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy Saturday

The day before the Super Bowl is NOT the time to do casual shopping at Wal-Mart! Hubby, a friend, and I were out playing today and I made the mistake of "popping" into Wal-Mart....along with the entire east side of Wichita! We had gone to Super Target earlier and it was sooo much more civilized. I am on a search for a perfect set of wine glasses. I found perfect ones at Target, but at $39 for a set of 4, I was left contemplating the fact that my other wine glasses have "disappeared" one by one...it would hurt a lot more if they cost $10 each.They were crystal and made by a famous maker( I think the spelling is Reidel, but don't quote me on that), but still....I picked up a cheap set at Wal-Mart, but will probably hit Target for one of their "less expensive" sets. Hubby and I like wine, and it seems a bit odd to drink decent wine out of jelly jars and mismatched glasses......We're not wine snobs (we love a local winery called Smoky Hill http://kansaswine.com/ ) but it would be nice to have decent glassware to serve it in! On the knitting front, I have cast on the Baby Albert coat in addition to the friend's scarf. I usually have a couple projects going at one time. They are usually scarf projects, so I'm hoping I am not biting off more that I can chew! Once I complete the first baby coat, I am going to do a couple more---at least one for charity, possibly more. My goal for 2007 is to get several charity projects done. I firmly believe in giving back in graditude for my many blessings!