Saturday, July 02, 2016


(detail from one of my works in pen and ink on Rives BFK paper)

Life has a funny way of getting tangles and busy. Things fall by the wayside. One of those things for me has been this blog. So much has happened since my last post in 2012 (!!!!!).

I finished my art degree. I earned a bachelors degree in fine art from Wichita State University a month or so ago. What does this mean? It means I finally finished a goal that I had started a while back. It was a challenge at times, but I would not have traded it for the world. It lead me to a fantastic residency in Shelton, Washington (more on that in future posts) and helped me figure out my voice in the visual world. The twins have graduated and one is in college. Both are in the military in some capacity. One is a full time student at the University of Kansas and a member of the Marine reserves, and the other is a full time Navy Corpsman. The oldest is here in Wichita working. So Cute Man and I almost have an empty house. It is a strange feeling.

There have been a lot of amazing adventures along the way the past couple years, so we will get caught up.

So here I am in 2016, graduated from school, almost empty nesting and ready for adventures.