Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This isn't funny!

For those of you out there that can actually comprehend math that includes numbers and letters, my hat is off to you. I have decided it is a gift and talent that I am obviously lacking. Unfortunately, I have to master it enough to get up to college algebra to finish my degree. Right now am flailing miserably in pre-algebra and our first test is tonight. For those of you who enjoy math, I expect you to at least leave the room before you break out into laughter or giggles...at any rate, my husband who is an engineer does not understand my inabilities...he writes like an engineer, so I always keep that in my arsenal ready to fire....At this point I have decided that colleges require math from majors that will probably never use it simply because they want to see who the heck will hang in there! University santioned sadism....

On the lighter side, ther trip to Tulsa was wonderful as usual. For those of you who have never been to Tulsa, you ought to go at least once in your life of you can get there. It has wonderful museums, shops and eating places. I tried sushi for the first time at a Japanese eatery, although my eating companions pointed out that technically since it was a California roll, it didn't qualify as real sushi...oh well....it's a start...

I actually taught my friend's daughter how to do the knit stitch while we were in Tulsa, so she is working away on a scarf. It is fun to teach someone something that will inspire their creativity. I have finished 2 scarves this month and will start in 2 more this week after my math test today...Right now I am still learning the basics, so nothing complicated. I want to move on to doing socks-not for the socks themselves, but for the ability to do them my way and my colors. Plus it is the act of knitting something original that I enjoy.

I am seriously considering adding a couple chickens to my menagerie this Spring. Our city doesn't allow roosters (for the obvious reasons), but we can keep up to 6 hens. I love to cook with organic eggs, so I want to try my hand at raising my own.

I have decided we are getting to a point in our house where we really need to get a new computer to replace the one that recently crashed. It is inconvenient to have to trapse down to the library for internet access and there are too many times I need one for something late at night...My question is, what are the advantages of a lap top over a stationary one (other than the factor of portability)...please feel free to give me feedback on this. My oldest son wants a laptop, for the portability...

Friday, September 02, 2005

road tripping

Today at 9:00 a.m my husband and I were supposed to be flying to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi for a short vacation--needless to say, that's not going top happen. The airport we usually land the plane at is in Waveland (right down the road from the Bay)... we are really hoping that the wonderful people who take such good care of us there are okay. My heart aches for Bay Saint Louis-for those of you that have never been to BSL, it WAS one of the most wonderful little towns on the coast. I am hoping there is more than enough assistance for the whole area and the citizens to rebuild. Keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers!

However, since we couldn't go to Mississippi, we decided to take a short trip down to Tulsa, Oklahoma--another town close to my heart. We lived in Tulsa for 5 years so is fun to come back and visit friends. For those of you out there planning a trip, the Gilcrease museum and Philbrook are the best museums! Plan to spend a day at either of them--there's a lot to see. I had to take a detour and drag my dear, patient husband to a yarn store (Naturally Needlepoint). I am learning how to knit and am discovering there is a whole world of yarns beyond the stuff you find in the discount stores-not knocking that yarn, I still use it for various items, but there is yarn that will make your toes curl out there! I found a lot of it at that store-but I had actually gone there on a mission--I was looking for 14" Lantern Moon needles. They only had the 10"---figures....so I had to order them online...I suck at patience-I wanted instant gratification darn it!!!!!! I know, grow up!....(that'll never happen!). However, if you are looking for yarn that will make you weak in the knees, that's the place to go!!!!

My new goal this season is to actually get a new computer so I can actually provide visual entertainment for those of you reading this. It would be nice to be able to show you my little town. We are actually 2 miles from the Wichita city limits but my little town has a small town feeling that I love. But that would also mean I will have to learn how to take digital pics and download them...GGGGGGGreat, yet another opportunity for my 19 year old son to teach his mom something.....I'll never be able to act like I know everything at this rate!!!!!