Sunday, April 18, 2010

A little time away?

Yep--it has been quite a while since I have actually sat down and blogged. Bad blogger, I know. I had good intentions and high aspirations, but you can see how that turned out. So, here is an update on everything at Casa CrazyLife:

1: I went back to school to work on an art degree. This is the degree I had originally wanted to complete before I had my oldest son. At 45 years old, I am going back and working on this. Right now I am enrolled in a drawing 1 class and a Jewelry 1 class and loving it. That is part time--6 hours, but it fits well with the fact I am still a full time taxi for 2 teenagers who are very involved in sports and other school activities. Since they have their licenses and will be sharing a car next semester, it will free my schedule up a bit. I plan to take a life drawing, a 2d design class and jewelry 2....My school is a junior college and I am completely in love with it, but after I finish up some other classes I will have to transfer to the four year university here. The studio classes will probably not transfer, but they have been really beneficial to me. I have learned so much this semester that has helped my drawing! And I have conquered my fear of acetylene torches in my jewelry has been a learning semester for me. When I transfer to the university, I will go in under the printmaking department. I love printmaking--relief printing and drypoint in particular, along with etching, but I will be glad to learn it all.

2: Hubby graduates with his master's degree (in engineering) this May. It will be nice to have him home on Tuesday and Thursday nights..LOL. I'm sure he is really ready to graduate also, but for different reason. Thinking the Tuesday and Thursday nights were quiet times for him.

3. Oldest son moved from Tipton, Iowa. He is only 3 hours away right now. However, we haven't had time to visit him yet. After the school season ends, we will hopefully have more time.

That is a brief rundown -- there has been a lot more going on to keep me busy and away from blogging...time to get back and start blogging regularly again.