Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Super knitting weekend

Fast entry before going to work -- where I HOPE I didn't forget and leave my candle burning overnight...I woke up last night in a cold sweat and couldn't remember whether I blew the darn thing out! However, a couple weeks ago, one of my coworkers forgot to extinguish her candle and it burned all weekend.....Hopefully mine is out...I have to figure out a "leaving ritual" that includes putting out the candles...

This weekend was utterly fantastic. My husband and I drove to Lawrence, Kansas --which is about three hours away--so that I could take a buttonhole bag class at the YARN BARN. Unfortunately I brought my camera but forgot to get pictures of their fantastic downtown and the beautiful college campus. The last class is this Sunday, so I will get pictures to post. I love that town!!! Unfortunately the class was from 1pm until 4pm -- the exact hours the store was open, so no time to shop. However we are supposedly not going to need the full 3 hours this week, so I might have time to shop a little. The bag class was wonderful. This is only my second attempt at anything that is not a scarf, the first one being the socks that shall remain unfinished and not spoken about at this time....I learned a ton of new techniques and the bag is astonishingly forgiving if you forget to do a second M1 on the other side of your marker....I figured it out and compensated and it really won't affect the overall look of the bag (other than extending the base body a couple rows to get the needed 76 ending stitches before the knit rows)...I am soooooo in love with this pattern that I am going to start another bag this week while waiting for the last class. I will get to the point she told us to stop, which is where we do the buttonhole opening for the handle and she has modified the handle with an I-cord bind off, which is French to me---but she assures us we will catch on quickly....HMMMMM...
I will post pictures on this upcoming Saturday. My dear husband got tired of me exclaiming how much I love that town I'm sure. I adore the downtown. There are tons of college students and every other person has their dog. There are places to tie your dog up outside of all the stores....very dog friendly...I could spend the entire day just talking to people about their dogs!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ya know it going to be one of those mornings when...

You wake up and trudge down the hall only to be greeted by a honking wet spot on the carpet....and all three dogs are acting guilty! It's not like they didn't go out at midnight....so here I am at 8:30 on the morning shampooing a carpet....the alternate title to this entry was going to be something singing my extreme love for my carpet shampooer, but that smacks heavily of a mental health diagnosis that I probably wouldn't be able to pronounce....at any rate, I had to shoot the spot with Spray and Wash (my other love) and take the kids to school---who by the way apparently did not have their time telling abilities turned on ---- so here I am shampooing this damn thing before I head to work....Thank God for my job! There is plenty of flex time built in!
And how was your morning?!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

And here we are again!

I feel as though I have blog whiplash! I post several times, then come to a screeching halt.....I have given up and ordered a weblog for dummies book from Amazon.com......I have so many shortcomings in the blog sphere that maybe this will enlighten me and move me along the path!

The weather has been so strange here for October! Last week we had 95 degree weather and now it has fallen to 60's and drizzly..This is definitely soup weather!I am going to have to fix a big pot of chili this weekend!

I am teaching a friend how to crochet--she is learning and I am refreshing my skills--it's been a long time since I have done this---we are working on granny squares for afghans. On the knitting front, I'm working on a prayer shawl out of Homespun. I haven't worked with synthetic yarns in a while, but this stuff knits up nicely and is really soft. I think it is good for charity project when easy care yarn is needed.
I really like the k3 p3 pattern---it is very soothing and easy to keep up with. Pictures to follow.....