Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Remember the legacy socks I have been whining about finishing? Well tonight after perusing so many knitting websites and seeing the spectacular handknitted socks, I was sooooo hyped and ready to GET 'EM DONE! So I putter over to the bag I so carefully packed the project in ( I even put them in a zip lock so no buggies can get in after reading a really scary story about wool moths--but I digress....anyway, I pull out the project and remember exactly why I completely adore this yarn (Baby Star by Laines Du Nord). Out comes the project, the extra yarn that I am so OCD about getting (so I never run out mid project), the tape measure, stitch markers, and pattern. Wait---where is the #$#$% pattern? Certainly I packed the pattern with the project....NOT! What was I thinking? Maybe if I could figure that out, I would know where I put the darn project!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGG! So, needless to say, I will have to go to my LYS to pick up another copy of the pattern. Luckily it is a giveaway pattern, but it sits right next to this yarn that is my weakness! Did I mention Baby Star comes in RED? This is going to be an expensive pattern. Not that the yarn is expensive ($7.00 for 1.79 oz--50 grams for you metric people) but I can't go into the store and not fondle this yarn, which then means I have to buy it. It's the yarn store version of "you break, you buy", which happens because I drool on the yarn.
Darn. However, tomorrow I will go to the store and set a goal to at least get to the heel. Turning the heel is intimidating me, but I guess I will learn to frog....I would have pictures, but it appears my camera is MIA somewhere in the house (I hope)...

Oh yeah, I also inquired about buying a Columbine spinning wheel today.....Maybe that will offset any yarn considerations...luckily hubby does not read my blog--as far as I know. If he does, I'll know it....Hi HONEY!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring has sprung

What a gorgeous day it was today! Hubby and I went to a friend's house where she and I dumped him to watch multiple "24" episodes (we don't have cable internet and can't get on the website to watch the complete episodes without our computer completely locking up) while she and I shopped. It is so rare that I actually go shopping, it actually was fun. I desperately needed shoes for work and shoes for play. I scored big at Shoe Carnival with my favorite brand (Ryka)--I found a pair for 25.00 and they were having a buy one get one 50% off---so I bought two pairs of the SAME Ryka shoe. Considering I have seen this pair for 70.00, I was soooooooo happy with myself. I love this brand, so I grab them when I can afford them. There were other good deals, but those were my best steal....

Starting next week, I promise more knitting content! I realized I had taken a little detour from knitting and really need to get back on board. I will be working out of the One Skein Wonders book -- it really has some great patterns!!If you haven't seen this book, run to Border's or Amazon and oogle it...you won't be disappointed. I really want to work on some fingerless mitts, but I'm having problems getting in the mood when it is warm out.....

On the home front, we are considering whether to buy the house we've been renting for 11 years or to try to find something else with a little more space. We have looked at a couple houses that were real duds, but friends tell me to just keep on going...isn't that the "kiss a lot of frogs" theory?!! We are so living it!! However, there are some houses we are looking at that have fireplaces, which is on my wish list of a "perfect home" I can SO see myself sitting in front of a fireplace knitting in the winter...I guess time will tell. I really dread packing and moving though....not to mention I love our neighbors.

Within the next couple weeks, I have to catch up with my travel goals of exploring and knitting in little towns around Kansas. I got snowed under at the beginning of the year and was unable to do any road trips. I did get a book of towns in Kansas with some really interesting places, so I will be sharing them with you soon.

Better run, it's time for bed. Last week was a really bad week for sleep, so I need to make myself try to catch up. Good dreams to you!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Morning Post

Technically I should be getting ready for work....instead of sitting here with a cup of coffee posting a blurb....the time change has really been hard for me to adjust to! Especially since every morning since Monday has been enveloped in a really thick blanket of fog. This morning is not quite as foggy, but it still has a little fog involved. I am looking forward to this weekend when things slow down a little. I think a three day weekend would be great right now, but we don't have any of those coming up for a while....

While cleaning the basement, I realized that my yarn stash is REALLY big--I have yarn stashed that I : a) Have forgotten about b) SHOULD have forgotten about and c) would like to forget about! So, the ones in the last two categories are going to be packaged together in lots of 6 skeins and given to members in my knitting group that are teaching others to knit. A large amount of it is acrylic Red Heart or Simply Soft, which I still like for certain projects (project that will see lots of use or are going to households that do not understand that wool felts)---but I really need to clear space if we are going to have to move or have the house appraised so we can buy it.
So far this year I have not kept up on my knitting resolutions, but I have pulled out the legacy socks and am going to figure out exactly how to finish them. I am looking at toe up socks next time. My son that likes hand knit socks (go figure, he's 13 and actually appreciates the work involved) has really large feet. If he ever grows into those, he will tower over me!

I guess it is time to get to work. Great coffee and soft yarn to you and yours!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The legacy socks

In the process of cleaning out, I pulled out the ever present LEGACY SOCKS. Remember these? These are the socks I started--my first socks-my only sock attempt--and then stopped after the cuffs got done.......Well, I made the mental commitment that I am going to sit down and get them done in the next couple months. I adore hand knitted socks--really, I do! But it seems I got to the part just under the cuff and froze...So I am going to go down to my LYS and have her sit with me while I get over the learning curve. I even have a video in my knitting DVD collection that features socks, so REALLY---I have no excuses. And the fact that I really found the k2p2 cuffs very relaxing to knit....
I woke up to really thick fog this morning. I like fog, however it makes driving downtown a challenge. There is a category of drivers that I run into (hopefully not literally) that I call Peek-A-Boo drivers. If they can't see the light from a mile a way, it doesn't exist, right?

Have a great day! Knit a row for me!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And a Happy Tuesday to you!

I am looking forward to the end of the week---this has been one of those whirlwind weeks where I've gotten too little sleep and have too much to do!

I have been stressing out because the landlord told us he wants to sell the house SOON. We have been here almost 11 years...I know, money wasted. However, it was right for us to rent. We'll have a good lump of money to put down on a house, but I am wanting to look at what is available in our little town. The landlord is going to ask an awful lot for the square footage of this house as opposed to the tax appraised value. We have an appointment with a realtor to look at other properties on Friday. I do dread the whole moving business though. Hubby is holding out hope he can talk him down on the price, but LL seems to be pretty firm that paint and new carpet is going to net him $15,000 above the tax appraised price. Did I mention there are quite a few newer homes on the market for only a little more than what he is considering? Yep, this is stress....oh well, so is life.

On the work front, I added 15 hours to my work week-up to 35 hours for the time being. They were needing extra hands and I have extra time, so I put my name in the hat. Hubby is pretty adamant he does not want me working 40 hrs a week since it gets so busy around our house, but 35 is manageable. I get off work at 4:00. I may shift it around so that I get off at 3:30, but for now this is the schedule. I plan to use this extra money for new furniture, which we really need. Our current furniture has seen lots of animal paws and human traffic. If we move, I plan to take very little of our current furniture with us (as little as it is already) and the new furniture will be a little more contemporary.

I guess I'd better scuttle off to work...Have a great Tuesday!