Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things I SHOULD be doing...

As in making cookies and getting the guest bedroom ready for my son and his girlfriend. Hubby is flying to Tipton as I type to pick the kids up. It is Sona's first time to fly and she is afraid of heights--hopefully she does well. I told hubby NO STEEP TURNS and he is planning to bring air sickness bags just in case. I think she'll do well, but flying for the first time in a small plane can be a little scary---however it is still safer than driving....or so I am told.

I got the new camera and have been playing with it to figure out the new features, so I will post something later.

Yesterday I took a spinning class from one of the ladies in our Knit In Public group. It was so relaxing, and it did come back to me which surprised me since it has been 8 years or more since
I've spun. I did use a castle style wheel (everything is upright in a line) and found it very comfortable. I am eyeing getting one next year if the budget permits. I was able to spin surprisingly thin yarn that will make wonderful sock yarn once plied. I'm hooked!!!! I left the yarn on the bobbin so I can continue in 2 weeks at the next class. since I figured out the camera, I will have pictures of the next class. It is really fun!!

I went from the spinning class to a bead shop with a friend and made a really neat necklace and bracelet. It was an excellent afternoon for creativity and it was capped of by going to Michael's craft store on the East side of town where I found a really good book on wire working--and since I had a 50% off coupon, I got it at a steal. Which left me money to splurge on a REALLY cool thing I found to carry my sock yarn in---I'll tease you for now and post pictures later..It was an excellent and relaxing day!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Pictures soon

According to Amazon, my new camera is slated to be delivered tomorrow, so hopefully as of tomorrow, here is what you will see proof of:

I tried my hand at acid dyeing...and discovered why it is best to wear gloves during the process...yes, I know the whole dye/chemical thing, but more than that-it will dye your nails. Yep, I have beautiful brilliant blue yarn and slightly off cast blue fingernails....just a hint of color--enough to make people go "HUH?!".. lesson learned. But DANG I am soooooo addicted to dyeing my own yarn! It completely rocks! I am just doing single colors right now and there is a skein of merino silk that will be going in the dye pot again since it is a little spotty (note to self, stir gently for 30 minutes as per the instructions so the dye and yarn meet properly..)...I found the perfect shade of blue---pictures tomorrow. It is unbelievable!

On a side note, another addiction: playing with glass and flames! I took the glass bead making class at Beadazzled this weekend and loved it. I made quite a few beginner beads but am sure I will be starting to use the studio in December so I can make more. At $8 an hour or studio rental (after you take the first class), it is a steal considering you get to use the torches and the kiln. And she has a great selection of glass that is pretty inexpensive. I thought I might be intimidated by the torch, but it was absolutely mesmerizing. LOVE IT! If you are in Wichita, I would really recommend giving it a try.

I am actually off work today because of Veteran's Day. Our office is one of the few that closes, which is great. Kids grumbled about having to go to school and hubby went off to work, so the house is quiet. But, lest you think I am having complete bliss, keep in mind I also just finished cleaning up cat puke off a light cream carpet. Yep, real life has a way of slamming through, doesn't it?

Great coffee and good friends to you and yours!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Just a quick post

Just a quick post before I run off to work. It's Monday and I am running behind, as usual.

If anyone sees a digital camera along the highway trying to hitch a ride out of Kansas--yell at me...Mine has gone AWOL and I think it got up an walked away on it's own. Yes, I have been griping about it---a lot--but I would really like to find it so I can at least grab the memory card! So needless to say, it may be hiding in fear somewhere around the house after the last time it screwed up, but it isn't where I left it....It's probably hiding out in the laundry room with all the single socks that have disappeared...darn it!

So for at least a little, while, I may not have pictures...time to order another camera. Darn.

I will post more tonight when I have time to write--good coffee and great friends to you and yours!!