Sunday, March 19, 2006

BRRRRRRRR it's cold

After reveling in the 60 and 70 degree weather that has been thrown our way over the past couple weeks, somehow I got it in my mind that winter was gone.....Foolish mortal....Today it is under 40 degrees and they are predicting snow if we are lucky--ice if we aren't. Wow--that is like a choice between the serpent and a rattlesnake. Both are gonna hurt.....I know--cheese and WHINE!

I guess the upside is that it gives me a good excuse to stay home and knit. Or clean the house....Knitting is looking really good! I am at a stand still on my socks. It is time to turn the heel so I have to get out my knitting videos and watch how they do it. I am looking forward to getting these done because I would love to start a second pair. One of the girls from our knitting group is giving lessons on knitting on one long circular in April. I have already ordered my turbo needles and a ton of sock yarn from Knit Picks....It's a good thing! I am also happy to announce my niece is going to have a baby boy. This will give me a good excuse to try to knit a hat and sweater set for a baby. That will allow me a small way to enter the world of sweaters without a huge time commitment. I am addicted to the Yarn Bee yarns at hobby lobby and found some wonderful baby chenille that is calling my name. Now that I know what colors, it's time to play. I am looking on the web for cute and easy baby patterns.

Hope everyone stays warm! Have a hot cocoa for me!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

This has definitely been one of those crazy months! I am finally -hopefully- getting over the crud that everybody in the world seems to have gotten. After three months of the hacking coughing yucky stuff and a quick trip to minor emergency (by the way, the doctors there rock- I wish that could be my primary care - mine sucks!)and a good dose of anti-biotics, I can now carry on part of a conversation without hacking through it.....I know--would I like cheese with my WHINE....Sick sucks! Especially when you discover that no, the world doesn't stop and wait for you to get better - and you don't really have the option of going back to bed after the kids have left for school. That is one of the things I do miss about being a stay at home mom....

At any rate-progress on my knitting: socks just waiting for a heel to be turned, 2 scarves just waiting for me to sit down and whip through them. And I am considering starting a set of baby booties for my niece who is expecting a baby in 5 months. Never done baby booties, so this should be " a learning experience"!

The weather here has been unreal! We had a few days of 69 - 70+ degree weather and then a cold snap and today it was warm again. All my bulbs are coming up. This is Kansas so it means that about the time the flowers form and start to bloom, we should have a healthy dose of ice....

Hope everybody has a great Saint Paddy's!