Sunday, October 30, 2005

sock knitting and other adventures

I am a newbie to knitting, the most adventurous I have been to this point is knitting basic scarves; but for some unexplained reason, I have developed a fascination with knitting socks. I know-with all the cheap and readily available socks in this world, what would possess me to want to knit a sock?! Well, I have no idea either but I think it is the challenge of creating something from string and 4 or 5 needles that remind me of pick-up-sticks.Plus some of the ladies in my knitting group have created the coolest socks that you just can't find in stores. My first attempt was last night-it didn't go to well. I am afraid I may be one of those people who simply cannot learn from a book. I ended up almost injuring myself while trying to manuever around the other needles and wondering what possessed me to think I might be able to do this...but I refuse to give up-either from ignorance or stubborness. -- and the aventure continues!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

back in the saddle again!

And for those of you that thought I was gone from the face of the earth, I say " Nope.." for those of you wishing, I say "HAH! I"M BACK" ---not that I actually went anywhere worthy of a grand adventure, but I have been sidetracked with my math class and the fact that our computer crashed and I have to actually make time to go to the public library to write. Having a computer at home is one of the basic necessities--like air and water.....I miss my computer. I guess I'll have to suck it up and face the fact that our old one is not going to magically resurrect itself, and go looking for another....

This has been an absolutely crazy semester for me. Although I only have a math class, I have started working part time and it seems like a time worm hole has opened up and there isn't even 24 hours between one class until the next, making getting homework done a challenge. Especially when I am not fully convinced that combining numbers and letter is at all logical. I'm going to petition to get foreign language credit for this class 'cause it might as well be FRENCH! And the sad thing is I'm not even in college algebra yet....HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...BOOOOOOO. It also doesn't help that my 19 yr old son is in the level ahead of me complaining it is too easy. That just give me further evidence that I bred with a martian-no one with my genetics could possibly find this amusing, let alone easy!

Well enough for now! Peace and sweet dreams to anyone that happens to fall onto this blog! Oh yeah-the spell check is not working so if you find any misspelled words, feel free to ignore them and mark me down as a moron...just kidding, but it would make any grand grammaticla errors more bearable....