Sunday, December 31, 2006


...what we woke up to this morning....unexpected in a way, but it is Kansas and December...however by 3p.m. it had started to melt. So now we have snow and sludge---just right for my light colored carpet (which, by the way, is SOOOOOO gone if we buy this house!).

I've been in bed all day with a really nasty bug. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I have made good progress on the purple alpaca scarf, so I guess that's the upside.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Breakfast of Champions

Oh My Gosh! This is what I made today from the current issue of Tea Time magazine. The only changes that I made were that the glazed one in the front are simply cinnamon scones with a powdered sugar glaze--my boys won't eat pecans. I doubled the recipe and put pecans in one batch for hubby and I. The recipe makes 8, but if you are counting, yes, three had been immediately consumed by kids and hubby. The honey cream recipe that goes on the pecan scones is really good. My only change was that I made it up the night before and put it in the fridge to give the flavors more time to blend....Since I used the whole grain white flour, they are at least better for you than doughnuts and they fill you up. Couple this with a cup of coffee by a local roaster in Wichita (Corsair) and it was a good start to the day. Except that my camera may have bit the dust after I took this picture...

Knitting pics

Here is yet another work in progress. It is knit with Alpaca yarn from Knit Pics. Even though it is technically a "bulky" weight yarn, any more than a size 9 needle would be too large. I take it everywhere at this point,especially since I put it on shorter needles--the pattern is sooooo easy that I got several inches done this Christmas before we hit the Oklahoma border. I plan to take it with me to Stillwater, Oklahoma (my hometown) and bang out several more inches at Aspen coffee company--a local coffee shop and coffee roaster in Stillwater. Good coffee and outrageously good treats! I have to take my mother to the cardiologist in Tulsa again, so it will be coming. I tried knitting while my mother was driving recently and was treated to stories of people being impaled by their needles in an accident.....and it took every bit of my resolve not to say "So would that also include not writing while driving or carrying pens anywhere near your body?---but I am slowly learning that just invited more "details"--I think I ought to send this one in to "MythBusters"....and you wonder how Urban Legends start.......

Friday, December 29, 2006

Good Friday!

My cute hubby still has off from work so this afternoon he came by the office so we could go to lunch. We ate at an Indian restaurant (TOTAL YUM) and then blew some serious money on chocolate at Cocoa Dolce. If you have a chance to visit Wichita or if you already live in the area---GO! While deciding, the girl at the counter let me sample a full piece of the eggnog cream filled candy---it almost made my eyes roll back in my head....we went in with the intention of getting one piece each (they are a little pricey) but ended up buying a sample box of 9 pieces. Even though it was $15 for a box that is maybe 3x3", it is MORE than worth the price!!!!! One little piece is soooooo rich that it immediately satisfied me--and I am a chocolate addict....Yes, I AM drooling!!! At any rate, I have decided that in 2007, I am going to focus on the quality of what I consume. This experience proves that a little of something of excellent quality goes much farther that lots of lower quality...

On it's way to me from Amazon is a copy of Bob Greene's new book "The Best Life Diet"--I am looking forward to starting this book. I looked at it while at Barne's and Nobles and thought it was a very sensible approach..I really like that he explains metabolism and basics of body functioning when dieting! That will be my goal for 2007---changing my attitudes and behaviors so that I can change my eating/exercise...Tomorrow I will fix cinnamon pecan scones--but will use whole wheat white flour instead and just have one piece with a cup of really good coffee...Little indulges, done at least a little healthier...that will be the focus instead of deprivation.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

You know it's going to be a bumpy week when....

Thankfully one of my friends from another department at work has my home number......For SOME reason I had it in my mind that we had until Thursday off for Christmas break. Don't ask me how I came up with that theory, but it was a firm belief of mine. So much that when my friend called me at 10:16 a.m. to ask why I wasn't at work, I thought she was messing with me......Imagine my short, technically I was supposed to be at work by 9:00 a.m. at the latest....Thankfully nothing was going on and I can make it up. Yep---GONNA BE A LONG WEEK....
No pictures, I'm afraid to touch anything mechanical or involving even a minimum of brain power.....

Sunday, December 24, 2006

More Pictures from Christmas...

And above, you see my father giving me a "Don't take my picture" look...and then he remembers that the Obedience Fairy missed this daughter! I'm thinking my new year's resolution is going to involve some exercise---I'm looking a little fluffy in the picture above...I'd like to think our camera malfunctioned and added 50 pounds, but the only thing wrong with it (realistically) is the clarity of the pictures...and that may be operator error since I can't seem to slog through the owner's manual.....for the camera either...

I'm thinking my son in the green flight jacket needs a sheering---too bad you can't spin kid least human kid...but that is a little weird, I guess. You know you have a knitting addiction when anything is measured for possible fiber content....
This is at my parent's home. The bright red walls at my Mom and Dad's actually look really good in photos. They used to be plain wood paneling that made everything look like a cave, but the red really livens it up....

Humor courtesy of In-Laws

We went to see in law and my parents today. I had to post this sign, it really made me laugh and completely sums up my Dad-in-law's humor. I had not noticed it before, but hubby said it has been there for quite some time.......

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Well, cute man and I got up at 7:30 this morning and braced ourselves to join the throngs of last minute shoppers and general mayhem at the mall....only there wasn't any. We parked almost in front and had no wait at the registers in any store... HMMMM....Maybe it was too early and it will be different this afternoon. Actually we hit Sam's first to get some baking supplies such as chocolate chips (they sell the yummy Ghiradelli Bittersweet chips), lemons, flour (they had whole grain white--score!), and other things. Luckily I had taken inventory before I went since I am notorious for overbuying...I practiced restraint and didn't get things to make EVERYTHING in my cookbook, like I have in the past...I am working on restraint and knowing when enough is is really hard! So, while hubby is checking on a friend's animals and braving Wal-Mart, I am working on the following goodies:

Cream cheese citrus pound cake
Lemon Bars
Giant Ginger Cookies
Mississippi Mud Cake

And later the kids can help me package up some Hot Cocoa Mix in quart jars, and then we will dip pretzels in white chocolate coating. The recipe for the cocoa is really easy. I multiply it by 4 and make enough for jars of various sizes. Here is the recipe:

4 cups powdered milk
1 cup cocoa powder
2 cups sugar
dash salt
1 cup non-dairy creamer

Mix it all together and put in jars of desired sizes. Add card to jar with the following instructions:

Mix 1/4 cup cocoa mix in a mug with 1 cup water. Enjoy!

We finally have the kids gifts taken care of---now we just need to wrap them. I practiced restraint in that areana too and let the kids know they will only be getting a few gifts since each one asked for a high dollar item. Usually I go on a buying binge at Christmas and the kids end up with stuff they really don't use too much...I came from a family where my mother went overboard every year, my husband came from the exact opposite, so we have been working towards a happy medium. It still makes me feel a little anxious to not underneath the tree completedly filled in......

Friday, December 22, 2006

Reading list....

Got the newest Knit Simple---actually bought both within a week of each other. The holiday issue has some really neat scarves---and you know what a scarf freak I am!There is a bamboo stitch scarf that is soooo cute on page 80--but that is just the start. The Winter 06/07 has a rockin' article on socks! And the One Skein book-----I can't even start to gush over this one!It is packed with winderful patterns!!!

Baby, It's cold outside!

It's Friday morning, I am cranky and I want to hibernate....given that Friday always follows Thursday, it IS WINTER and I am not a bear (no matter what my husband says), this should leave me no room to I will leave you with a picture of unbearable cuteness. Pay no attention to the basket of laundry and the ugly pink chair--concentrate on the adorable mound of blonde dachsund cuteness that is Sugar Baby........

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Testing 1-2-3

Yep--today is post heavy, but I am tweaking my blog ---this time I am trying to get the time set I will use this entry to post 5 things I am thankful for: 1: My kids 2: My husband and the fact he lets me be cranky whenever I darn well please. Also that he cooks and cleans equally with me...actually he probably does more.... 3:Good coffee 4: Friends 5:My job.

More Pictures

I haven't figured out how to post multiple pictures yet. I am just happy it decided to post one picture--multiple pictures may be pushing it...

Another purse on the needles

I figured I'd post some pictures of my projects --- the first is a red and white purse from the same pattern as the other. This is still on the needles, so not ready to felt. Other pictures are of a white scarf done in farrow stitch and using Lamb's Pride Bulky (my favorite). The other is a purple scarf on the needles using Knit Picks alpaca....I'm finally on a knitting binge...and I found Lamb's Pride BURLY SPUN at my LYS!!! She just started carrying it! TEARS OF JOY!!!!

I'm not sure how, but I got pictures to post. Hopefully this will continue since I really do think blogs with pictures are much more interesting than ones without!

I am sitting here nursing my morning cup of coffee and contemplating the fact I need to be getting out the door to go to work. I was home yesterday since I was supposed to drive my mom to Tulsa, but she ended up cancelling due to the fact we were supposed to have bad weather and she didn't want me driving from Kansas to Oklahoma and back if the roads were going to be yucky. So instead I snagged a friend and we went Christmas shopping, which I had not done yet. This is how the whole day looked ---rainy and overcast---but I love the rain and actually like overcast days, so it was good. I snagged the last 2GB PSP memory stick at Best Buy---good since that is the primary thing Brandon wanted. I told the boys that this year there will be less gifts since what they want is so still feels weird not filling up the bottom of the tree...


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Did it Work?

I am really close to giving up and just getting out crayons and paper!

Okay-maybe not

It appears the new version of Blogger is not as user friendly as I thought......maybe pictures later----if the Blogger fairy gets off her electronic arse!!!

Pictures, Finally!

Here is a picture of the purse I made from the classs in Lawrence, before it was felted. I love this pattern! You can do one in a couple marathon knitting session or over a week of relaxed knitting. Ideally I would have done on for all the women in my family for Christmas, but that is not going to happen this year considering the date......maybe winter soltice presents?

I am eyeing an electric fireplace at Wal-Mart...I know, but if you don't have the possibility of knocking a hole in the wall (we rent) and putting in a fireplace, this is a viable option.....I have ths image of sitting in front of a fire (even if it is man-made), in an comfy chair and I just have to figure out how to clean up my room so I can fit one in....and that would entail housework......

Monday, December 18, 2006

It's Monday

This weekend went WAY too fast. Hubbie and I had a party for my work on Saturday so the better part of the day was spent doing a little Christmas shopping then braving the crowds at Sam's Club for a cheese tray. I thought I could get away with one for $15, but the cheapest they had was $26, so I decided to just get some summer sausage and cheeses and arrange my own. It turned out darn good if I do say so myself! And I finally got to use the silver serving platter I found at DAV for $2.48. Hubby was impressed, which made it sweeter--especially since he questioned why I even bought the thing.......I will recreate the tray again for Christmas with my side of the family.

Speaking of Christmas with my side, it looks like this is going to be another one of those traveling Christmas'. We have to go to my in-laws on the 23rd and then my family on the 24th. Both trips are 3 hours each way......It would be sooooo nice to have Christmas season with no travel......We spent Thanksgiving at my in laws, which is nice since they are in the country and the boys get to go shooting (which they love), but Hubby forgot to include me in on the discussion to go there for Christmas too. My goal for the coming year is to have my house cleaned up so I can have someone house-sit and keep an eye on all the animals so we can go away for a day or more. As I said---goal for 2007.......

Holidays can be a rough time when you are in the middle of a life transition---I am trying to figure out how to plan a "New Chapter" party for a friend of ours that is getting a divorce. All of the websites that have "divorce party" plans sound more like drunken male bashing fiascos, and since her support system is going to include a lot of guys that are close friends, it doesn't seem appropriate. So I am trying to plan a dignified party for her....

Monday did not come gently to my house....the boys were really cranky this morning --which I knew was going to be the case since we had to tell them to quit talking at 11:30! Some days I just focus on GETTING THEM OUT THE DOOR!!!!!This was one of them!

On the knitting note, I started another felted purse. This is the same pattern, but in red and white. I am going to put pockets in this one since it is driving me nuts trying to find my cell phone at the bottom of the bag! I am still working on an alpaca scarf in a very simple farrow stitch pattern that is soooo relaxing to knit. It is my standard pattern and I have done several in several kinds of yarns. multiple of 4, plus one at the end. 3 knit, 1 purl, ending with a knit. Turn, then do it again. I'll post a picture of where I got the pattern (it is a deck/box called "The Little Box of Scarves" by Melissa Matthay and Sheryl Thies-----I HIGHLY recommend getting it!). I have the second box in the series, but haven't played too much with the card patterns in it because time has been so short lately.....However, I will have plenty of knitting time Wednesday since I have to take my mother back to Tulsa for the day. This round of test will last the whole day, so I will bring plenty of yarn....

I guess I'd better shoot off to work, I will post pictures tonight. I have finally found my cable to the camera...Actually they all look alike, so we'll see if I am right...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Total for the Haul

It is only 10:30 a.m and I am up surfing other blogs. Funny how hooked you get keeping up with other bloggers!
Total count for the needle box: 84 matched pairs of straight needles, 25 unmatched variety sized/length needles (I'll use these when I knit scarfs that use different sized needles on each row..) and 12 afghan hooks (I have to give my mom in law credit for telling me what those were). Holy smokes, did I get my 5 bucks worth or what?! I will use most of them to teach people how to knit---I can give them a set of started needles, which is always a good thing. And teaching the basics (which is all I can handle) is pretty easy. One of the girls at work wants to knit really bad, so she will be my first victim--oops, I mean student! Always give back to others when you have the chance! I taught a friend to do granny squares (crochet) and we are going to work on some afghans, caps and other things for charities.

Two of my boys spent the night with a friend, so last night it was just my husband, oldest son and I. Hubbie and I went out to dinner with another couple and then to a graduation party for a friend. She is getting her second master's degree. And then she take the qualifying exams for her Ph. D in a week........and I haven't even finished my bachelor's.....but then said friend has no kids, so I guess I'm not slacking that bad....I am going to sign up in the Spring to start working through my math classes to complete college algebra. I have to start at pre algebra and work upwards (or downward since I feel algebra is the slippery slope to hell....but that's a different rant and I told the guys that untied my jacket I would play nice today....). Yep, gonna start the year off with a bang (or a slew of unmentionable words)...I'm married to an engineer---can't I just CLEP out of algebra on that basis?!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Good Trip-Great Haul!

Holy Smokes!Sometimes it IS good to shoot an offhand comment into the air!While trying to sort through a box of knitting needles at a flea market shop yesterday, the owner expressed the same frustration I was feeling at trying to sort through the box to match needles. In a moment of frustration, I said "This is going to take forever! How much for the whole box!!!" to which she shot back "You can take the whole box for $5".....mind you, this was a good sized box of needles and she was selling them for 50 cents a pair. Yep, I bought the box! This morning I have found well over 35 pairs of matched longs and shorts....there are several really old pairs still in the sleeves and several pairs that are not familiar names to me. Pictures to follow once I get them all straighten out. I have also found several unmatched--which I will put in pretty jars or containers in my office for decoration or use when I am working on scarves that would look good with different needle sizes. I will post pictures of the old ones later in hopes someone out there will know about the brand and help me identify them....more later.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Off to Oklahoma I go...

It is bitter cold, hubbie took the kids to school and was sweet enough to gas the car up, so now I am preparing for a 1 1/2 hour ride to Stillwater (Home of the OSU Cowboys--YEAH TEAM!) -- so that I can turn right around and drive to Tulsa (another 1 1/2 hours) to take my mom to the doctor. And then do the whole trip in reverse.....Why am I driving. you ask? Well, my mother is one of those endearing older ladies that does a complete stop on a merge out......needless to say, we get to know the temperament of the drivers behind us if I let her drive in a city (which does not happen often). So weighing the possibility that I will have to drive to Tulsa to pick her up, I decided just to give up......One bright spot is that I may get to go thrift store shopping while there if we have time....I love thrift stores! On the knitting front, I am casting on for Buttonhole Bag #3. I love this pattern! It is sooooooo easy and works up really fast. Somewhere in this house I have a pattern for the Lucy bag, but I put it "in a safe spot"--in other words, somewhere where I knew I wouldn't forget....which I did......And at WHAT age do we become our mothers?!!!