Sunday, October 30, 2005

sock knitting and other adventures

I am a newbie to knitting, the most adventurous I have been to this point is knitting basic scarves; but for some unexplained reason, I have developed a fascination with knitting socks. I know-with all the cheap and readily available socks in this world, what would possess me to want to knit a sock?! Well, I have no idea either but I think it is the challenge of creating something from string and 4 or 5 needles that remind me of pick-up-sticks.Plus some of the ladies in my knitting group have created the coolest socks that you just can't find in stores. My first attempt was last night-it didn't go to well. I am afraid I may be one of those people who simply cannot learn from a book. I ended up almost injuring myself while trying to manuever around the other needles and wondering what possessed me to think I might be able to do this...but I refuse to give up-either from ignorance or stubborness. -- and the aventure continues!

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