Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Days!

We finally got a new computer for our house today-no more trekking to the public library. Not that going to our little library is bad-quite to the contrary, we have a wonderful library in our little town-but there is nothing like being able to blog in your scivvies at three in the morning...I do think trying to do that at the library would result in dire consequences--not to mention the whole "trespassing if the building is closed" issue.....plus I love that I can once again park my rear in front of the computer with a mug of hot chocolate when it is butt freezing cold outside!And that it has been! I have reached the conclusion that I probably don't love winter as much as I thought I did in the middle of the summer. Reality has a way of knocking you in the face! This is actually the first year in quite a few years that I have actually had to worry about getting myself together in the mornings and getting everyone to school and having to go to work...I LOVE my job-which helps, but BOY do I miss being able to come home and have an hour to form a complete thought...not a morning person am I. Which explains why I am sitting here at the computer at midnight instead of getting into bed.
Can you believe it is almost Christmas! Last December (after Christmas, of course) I had firm intentions of having tons of things made for gifts by now--at least one knitted scarf. There is a difference between theory and practice...Ok-goal for next Christmas...I am actually progressing on the first pair of socks I have ever knitted - except that I have come to the conclusion that I am knitting them inside out--not that it would surprise anyone who knows me--so I will be running down to our local knit shop and testing the patience of the owner AGAIN...One day that woman will write a book that will make people weep--wanna guess who will be the main villain?

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