Sunday, March 19, 2006

BRRRRRRRR it's cold

After reveling in the 60 and 70 degree weather that has been thrown our way over the past couple weeks, somehow I got it in my mind that winter was gone.....Foolish mortal....Today it is under 40 degrees and they are predicting snow if we are lucky--ice if we aren't. Wow--that is like a choice between the serpent and a rattlesnake. Both are gonna hurt.....I know--cheese and WHINE!

I guess the upside is that it gives me a good excuse to stay home and knit. Or clean the house....Knitting is looking really good! I am at a stand still on my socks. It is time to turn the heel so I have to get out my knitting videos and watch how they do it. I am looking forward to getting these done because I would love to start a second pair. One of the girls from our knitting group is giving lessons on knitting on one long circular in April. I have already ordered my turbo needles and a ton of sock yarn from Knit Picks....It's a good thing! I am also happy to announce my niece is going to have a baby boy. This will give me a good excuse to try to knit a hat and sweater set for a baby. That will allow me a small way to enter the world of sweaters without a huge time commitment. I am addicted to the Yarn Bee yarns at hobby lobby and found some wonderful baby chenille that is calling my name. Now that I know what colors, it's time to play. I am looking on the web for cute and easy baby patterns.

Hope everyone stays warm! Have a hot cocoa for me!

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