Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Rest for the weary!

This past week, I lost my mind and apparently forgot that it has been a while since we've had youngsters in the house.

So when I went to Stillwater to pick my 2 year old great nephew up to spend a week with us, I also accepted his Mom's request(begging) that I take my 5 month old great niece.

See where this is going?

Having Auralius is not that hard--but my niece didn't tell me that Anna was both teething and in the middle of being treated for an ear infection, so let me tell you---that was definitely interesting.

I had forgotten all the little things involved with kids, like ear splitting crying from a teething child, the stubbornness of a two year old and the fun of trying to get everyone in the car to pick my older kids up from school. Holy Smokes! Now I know why you should have kids when you are younger!

So here is a little of what I wanted to get accomplished this past week:
1. Do a once a month cooking session to stock the freezer.
2. Shop for a compact freezer unit to keep from overloading the refrigerator freezer.
3. Finish the shop hat for Twist and the shop scarf for The Newton Beadery.
4. Get Christmas card supplies in one spot and make Christmas cards.
5. Clean house.
This is what I got accomplished:
Yep, not a darn thing, except the priceless hands on experience that my sons had with the reality of having kids.
You know the experiment some schools do where they have the kids carry around a doll or an egg for a week and pretend to experience the reality of a baby?
I think that is a lame experience.
After listening to a teething kid scream at decibels that could shatter glass and knock pictures off the wall, my boys have firmly proclaimed they are serious about not having children. Actually in the middle of one of Anna's voice lessons, one of my boys declared he would remain celibate for life...LOL.
And that was even before she blew the back end out of her diaper with poo.
Did I mention the diaper was not manly enough to handle the job so some of it escaped?
Yep, I thought I was going to lose two teenagers right there!
Let me tell you, if the screaming didn't do it, the diaper sealed the deal.

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