Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Actual Knitting Content...

OK-- so this blog started out as a knitting blog--then morphed into an anything blog with very little knitting content. So today I decided to get back to the roots and show you my latest project. Notice I didn't say my ONLY project..That would infer that I have the ability to work on one project at a time and only move on to the next one when one is finished. Ummm, that's so never going to happen. I've made peace with that. I'm just not a monogamous knitter.

ANYWAY...the project above is a garter rib sock for my cute man that I pulled from "Sensational Socks". I've had this book for a long time and decided it is time that I actually knit something out of it. I like that you can take almost any needle and make a sock based on your gauge, not have to play around to get the gauge the pattern insists on. The markers are there to mark every 10 rows--a trick I learned from Cindy.

It is a totally customizable pattern book--it even lets you customize whether you are using 4 or 5 dpns, 2 circs etc. If you use magic loop, the patterns are easily adapted for that too. I am using Patons Kroy sock yarn and I really like the way it feels and the rich color that you get for the price. This will be perfect for my cute man. I do want to do a solid colored sock in this patten also. As much as I love the texture of the sock and the subtle way the colors play into the pattern, I want to do cute man a sock in some grey alpaca that I have in my stash with this same pattern so that the pattern actually is able to be the star of the show. I can tell more socks from this book are going to follow.

After I make a significant dent in my UFO's, which is a goal for the next 3 months, I want to start a vest from "Folk Vests". I've never done a vest before so I thought this would be a good book to start with since the patterns range from fairly easy to "WHOA! THAT'S ADVANCED!"There is a cabled vest inspired by Ireland in this book that is calling my name. I think Cindy and I are going to do a knit along on one of the vests from this book. Since I love cables and don't really seem to get the chance to do them all that often, the Ireland vest might be just the ticket.

I had the STRANGEST dream last night. If anyone out there interprets dreams, give this one a shot:

Apparently there was an air show scheduled to be in Wichita (there is one at McConnel Air force base every year, so that's not unusual) and there was a stealth jet practicing OVER OUR HOUSE. In the dream, I complained to my hubby about how low the plane was flying and he quoted the regs on how low they can fly and that they couldn't possibly be flying that low. I described what the pilot looked like and what he was wearing and that he was skimming just above our fence between our house and the neighbors (and it seems I was the only one in the neighborhood alarmed about this--again, this is a strange dream). About that time I hear a boom, look up in the sky at a ball of smoke and guess what? The plane slides nose first--gracefully might I add for such a honking huge piece of metal--right through our backyard, knocking down the fence. OK--so I'm not crazy about the current fence--that part might be a no brainer...And the kicker is that hubby is completely unfazed. OK, maybe this part doesn't surprise me--it takes a LOT to make my husband freak out--me, not much...I run upstairs to call 911-- and can't get through. Seems I kept dialing 119, not 911. Oh, and did I mention the guy pilot in the dream morphs into a girl pilot dressed in jeans and a t-shirt? I know the air force has casual day, but I'm quite sure jeans and a t-shirt are not part of the accepted dress code when flying a stealth.

Again--WTF? Other than the fact that the just fence is destroyed in the dream (YEAH), the fact is that this dream was just too weird on SOOOO many levels! Have you ever seen a stealth? When my oldest was young, we went to the OKC airshow and they had a stealth on display. IT will not fit neatly beside my house and the neighbors without ripping up both houses. Actually it would have completely taken out both houses to say the least!

I guess I could dissect the dream and try to figure it out, but maybe I should just mark it down to having a bowl of spicy chili before bed. I did wake up pissed off though, which is kind of humorous.

So I've shared knitting and strange dreams --- what more can I add.

How about a cute picture of an exceptionally spoiled blonde dachsund? That'd be our Sugar Baby, trying her hardest to relax amid all the chaos.

It's so hard to be a Princess..


Lara said...

You're feeling out of control, but have faith that everything will be (mostly) OK.

As a confirmed control freak, I'm familiar with the dreams that involve wanting to take control and fix something but being unable. (119 vs. 911.)

Yesterday, my hubby and I were hoping that the tree people working behind our fence would knock it down accidentally and have to fix it. It's a mess back there. lol. They were awfully close to taking it out several times.

Tomatokid said...

Aw, I'm sorry about the weird dream, (although I couldn't help but laugh at how the pilot transformed into a girl, and how no one seemed to be aware that an airplane crashed into your backyard...)
I had a similar dream a few weeks back; where the airplanes were exploding in the skies, creating fireworks that were catching peoples hair on fire...

BTW, geeeorgeous knitting! Very nice colors!

Hope to see you soon!