Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spendin' money and time!

I am looking forward to getting my new digital camera in the mail --- hopefully this week. I finally found a really good price on an 8 mega pixel digital --it was actually cheaper than the 7 mp that I was looking at last week in Wal-Mart. This is the first time I've ever bought anything electronic on eBay, so I am saying a prayer that it is a good experience.....As soon as it comes, I an going to start posting pictures like crazy! It is about time you get to see me and my little corner of the world. Plus the fiber projects that have taken over my life and home!

It seems it is time to enroll for the summer semester at school. I am going to try to do a math class online. I have to finish college algebra for my paralegal degree and the only thing holding me back is the public speaking and the college algebra....I will be starting at pre algebra though. I personally think algebra should also get foreign language credit! When I want to read, I look at letters. When I want to do math, I look at numbers. Can someone explain to me just what the heck I'm trying to do when looking at algebra?!!! I really believe that we will get to the end of the world and discover the person that came up with algebra was only playing a big joke that went wild. Kind of like the "emperor's New Clothes" in math form!!

The weather is really gorgeous lately. I am getting the urge to travel. I may have to go to Lawrence Kansas and run amuck in their wonderful downtown. It is a college town a couple hours away, but it is home to a great college and one of the best Indian restaurants that I have tried. Actually it has all kinds of wonderful eateries and some of the most incredible shopping! It's a toss up between Lawrence and Tulsa, Oklahoma. I guess we'll just have to see....

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