Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blogging in bursts!

I have been soooo busy that I have severely neglected to post....that, and the fact that I was waiting to find my camera cable so I could finally post pictures....Needless to say, when you are looking for a specific cable, you find every other one except the one you are looking for. I even found cable for items we no longer own---but no camera cable...UGGGGGGGG!

Speaking of cables, I took a class in Lawrence at the Yarn Barn and learned how to do basic cables! I am so psyched! I saw an Irish hiking scarf on Janette's website www.jbknits.blogspot.com/ and fell in love with her scarf. Luckily she was gracious enough to provide a link to the pattern. I know this one has been going around for a while, but I'm a late bloomer. At any rate, now I know how to cable, so I will be casting on this week. I am needing to get into high gear so I can get some gifts for family members done. As usual, the finances crashed this week (even though I had a buffer built in!), so I will be stash surfing! SEE?! This is why yarn "artists" stash yarn...Kind of like squirrels hide nuts (DO NOT draw a line from yarn artists to nuts!)!You never know when you are going to need it!

I am getting ready to run to work--the kids got off to school without a hitch but I am glad they won't have school tomorrow or for the next couple days. I won't have to worry about herding...Eh, GENTLY GUIDING them to their needed destinations on time!We go to Agra, Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, but Friday I am SLEEPING IN!!! We may hit Stillwater (Home of Oklahoma State University), where my husband and I grew up and he graduated from college--to see my side of the family, but it depends on how Mark is feeling. He gets carsick easily, so we usually limit trips of longer than 3 hours.

At some point this weekend, I am hoping to be given a burst of divine intervention in the energy department--enough to enable me and motivate me to get my house cleaned. It is getting beyond ridiculous! I have a load that needs to be taken to the Goodwill distribution center, but I never seem to have the time to get there!I finally got my husband to put together a DVD cabinet that I had bought 4 months ago, so some things will finally have a home. Isn't it amazing how things can get so out of hand so quickly when you have a small house and lots of people in it? I am going to look at getting more bookshelves for my room--I have quite a knitting library but can never find the right book when I'm looking for it because they are scattered everywhere and under things!

Oops! I has better head out the door! Have a great morning!

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