Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rough beginning to the week

It has been a rough beginning to the week at Casa Davis.

On Sunday, our 17 year old dog, Kaysha died. One of the the boys is taking it pretty hard. They are 14 and have never known life when Kaysha wasn't there, so it will be hard. Hubby and I have had Kaysha since she was 6 weeks old....Jeremy was actually "sick" this morning. I figured he was still upset over Kaysha, plus he was running a slight fever, so I called him out sick from school this morning. It didn't help that he got up this morning and went to get Kaysha to carry her outside for her morning "duties". And there is really nothing I can say to make it hurt less, which is not a good feeling...

On Monday night, apparently someone decided to help themselves to our cars and took my husband's flight headsets. Two pairs. That'll be $200+ (luckily they were the pairs needing replacement, but still...). Crap! We had been pretty naive since we have never had anything stolen the entire time we have lived in this town. I guess it's the sign of the times. I hope whoever decided to steal them has nothing but misfortune from here on out. They are now cursed. Whatever happened to the rule of "If it's not yours, don't touch it?!"

Lesson learned on that one.

Damn it has been a bad week already. Please tell me it only goes up from here.....

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