Thursday, October 30, 2008

Future Yoga Master alert

Shelly's son, Caleb, was feeling a little under the weather this morning, so she had him at Twist. It's always fun to have Caleb and Ainsley around, but today was particularly amusing. While playing his game, Caleb was completely engaged in the moment. As a result, he struck several very interesting yoga poses. I have to say, I had forgotten that the human body could contort in these positions. He definitely has a future as a yoga master....

...Or a chiropractor.

This would be the "T pose"--as in totally absorbed.

I know somewhere, there is a chiropractor going "WHOA"!

OK, this one just hurts to look at.

That one makes me go "WHOA!!"
Can you me imagine explaining that to the paramedics if I tried that? Actually, let's get real. I can't even START to get in that position. That would entail the whole "being able to grab the ankles from behind thing" which I can tell you for sure: I do not have it goin' on in that arena. I have a motto that I try to follow :
Never do anything that you can't clearly explain to a paramedic or police officer.
If I tried anything like the poses above, let's face it: There would be NO GOOD EXPLANATIONS.
There are a couple more that I'll post tonight. Blogger is being stingy with photo space.


Fairy Spun Fibers said...

ROFL! Oh, this is not fair, Rhonda! I never get to see him do his hysterically funny stuff. I only get to HEAR about them from a snickering, snorting Mimi!

Lara said...

That's funny. I know when my klds feel under the weather, they're just curled up in a little ball, no impressive contortions.