Monday, July 20, 2009

Soapmaking at The Flying Pig in Wichita

Robin (in the picture) and I took a cold process soapmaking class a couple weeks ago at The Flying Pig here in Wichita. Dani, the owner has a REALLY good smoothie bar in the back so that while you are shopping or taking a class, you can be enjoying one of the best smoothies in Wichita.
Her shop is packed with just about any kind of special touch that you can imagine. She has one of a kind jewelry, pottery, paintings etc by local artists, wonderful candles and bath products for yourself or someone else, and a lot of little treasures. Except the butterfly hooks in the above picture. Those had to come home with me. She can probably order some for you, but these babies had my name on them.

OK, so my hand was not completely still. Sorry! But I did get a picture of the owner, Dani, on the left and my friend Robin on the right. All the bottles are the makings for soap. The class was FANTASTIC. Robin and I made the same kind of soap (Cocoa/vanilla) with all kinds of wonderful oils and goats milk. It really got my creative juices flowing. I've made cold process soap in the past, but put it aside because the kids were so small. Now that I have brushed up on the basics again, I really want to start making soap again.
Dani is very sweet and shares a wealth of information, so I came away really inspired. She offers soapmaking classes at a really great price, so contact her and let her show you how to make something special of your own. Or you can buy some handcrafted soap made by her right there at the shop. She has several varieties.
Once you use real handcrafted soap that nourishes your skin instead of stripping the life out of it, you will not go back to the supermarket stuff. And by the way, look at the labels of the "soap" you are using. Notice it says stuff like deodorant bar, complexion bar and a variety of other labels--anything but SOAP. That's because it is not real soap.

And here is Robin. Watch it, she is a handful of trouble! LOL.
If you have time, stop in Dani's shop. It is a locally owned, female owned small business, so your money stays local and supports our local artists and shops. We need locally owned businesses to thrive in Wichita!!


Lanora said...

Looks like my kinda place. I'll have to check it out.

Ruffled Robin said...

Me? Trouble? more like You! It WAS fun, tho'. I had a great time. Thanks for going with me!!!