Saturday, May 13, 2006

Almost "free" Saturday

I am relishing the ability to not have to worry about class on Saturdays...As much as I enjoyed the class, I had to miss a lot of my son's soccer games. I finally got to go to a game today. It was the final game of the season, but it was better than nothing. My husband has been at the games, but he can't out yell me (or so my son has said as he rolls his eyes at my antics). I'll post pictures this week. My camera is being a little weird.

I have decided that is the great enabler for those of us with book addictions. They have made it wayyyyyy too easy to just click and order. And the free shipping is so tempting! I have expanded my knitting book library exponentially thanks to them!

On the yarn front, I am going to start working on some scarf patterns for Christmas presents. Maybe if I start on them in May, I might have them done by December. I am considering making some prayer shawls for the cancer support groups here or getting some knitters together to make some throws for patients undergoing chemo. When "Grandma"- our neighbor next door- had to go to chemo and get her daily shots, I noticed that feeling cold was the number one complaint of the patients. As warm as the room was, some of the patients were cold. I will probably use something like the "super soft" yarn that Caron makes. It is softer than Red Heart- this is important since chemo patient's skin can be sensitive. Although wool or alpaca would be warmer, acrylic will be easier to care for and launder. I am considering forming a Christian Knitters Group in Wichita..It would be nice to have the fellowship. We have a really neat Christian bookstore in Wichita with a coffee shop in it. The only problem is that the shop closes at 8pm, but the coffeeshop has a comfy couch and lots of tables and chairs, so there is plenty of seating. It is also usually not too busy --and they make an awesome cup of coffe.

Awesome album: Lifesong by Casting Crowns ---beautiful music for contemplative knitting. The tempo is upbeat enough but the works are thoughtful and invite introspection.

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