Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Saturday to you!

It has been a wild and crazy, but interesting month. I went to Topeka for core mediation training--I had taken core almost two years ago but didn't get to complete my co-mediations, so it just sat there. Mid month there was an part-time office administration in the mediation department - thanks to my director, I got the position. And of course, this just adds to the reason I love this company. I am pretty excited. At any rate, I had to drive to Topeka by myself - which I had not done before- and this made me pretty nervous. It ended up being a really easy commute and the bonus was that it was a 20-30 minute drive to Lawrence Kansas. Lawrence is one of my favorite towns in Kansas. I was pleased that Topeka was very easy to get around in. Since it is the capital, I figure it was going to be a madhouse. My city (Wichita)is the biggest city in Kansas, but I still figured it would be complicated to get around....It is soooooo much easier to get around in Topeka --- even in "rush hour", which is practically non-existent. The only drawback is there is no yarn store. Go figure! But then, the Yarn Barn is in Lawrence--so it Half Price Books--which is a favorite. The only bummer is that I didn't have time to run around downtown since I had to turn around and get back to Wichita...I guess that will give me a good reason to road trip again.

I received a beautiful skein of ribbon yarn from my secret pal in the One Skein swap. Thanks pal, it was the highlight of my day that day. I had been having a pretty challenging day training at work when my kids called me to say I had a package from a wheat lab...That was a good cover, pal. I couldn't figure out why I had a wheat sample! For everyone else, I will post a picture tomorrow of the wonderful yarn. I haven't decided what I'll make with it yet...

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