Sunday, May 07, 2006

YAAAAHOOO! Last Saturday Class!

REALLY, it seemed like a good idea at the beginning of the semsester---a class on Saturday would be so much more convenient---- Just tumble out of bed and head to class at 12:00. The only problem with that theory was that one of my kids also had soccer games on Saturdays so my hubby ended up going to every game this semester. That was probably a good thing since my son says I yell too loud, but I still think it is important to show up. Anyway, as soon as I signed up for class on my usually completely boring Saturday, all kinds of neat opprtunities for fun activities popped up. Figures. So now that class is over, I am going to plan some roadtrips to some of my favorite towns (Lawrence, Kansas-Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri--Tulsa, Oklahoma--Enid, Oklahoma) and spend some time savoring the choice.

At any rate, the last day of class was yesterday. I spent 2 hours putting my class notebook in order (it is beside the point that I should have been doing that all along...) and stressed over the final all morning. I opted to do a "show" of my pottery that I've been doing over the past couple years instead of a paper, so I was pretty loaded up this morning. I did my presentation--and so did some of the others--then he said everyone that had perfect attendance can leave and not take the final...damn...I missed one day due to a car issue. He let me go anyway. Completely awesome, but I was a total bitch at home trying to get my ducks in a row...I have GOT to work on not stressing during finals.

One the yarn horizon, I am relearning how to crochet. Right now I'm working on simple dishclothes and washclothes, which I am finding pretty satisfying so I am also looking at doing dome for dishclothes. It is something small and almost instant gratification. I was looking for patterns for dishclothes when suddenly it hit me---DUH--- I already have a book of 365 knitting stiches that works up into squares perfect for dishclothes. I have a piano recital rehersal this afternoon for Jeremy, I am going to have to take my projects with me.

On the workfront, I may be moving over to the mediation department in the afternoons. That is extremely awesome! I didn't get the paralegal position when it was open, which was only halfway disappointing, but something better was proposed to me by our director. I have the core mediation traing completed and was just waiting on the final 24 hours to get state certified---my director asked if I might consider going to the mediation section of Kansas Legal Services. OH YES! It is weird how sometimes what seems like a set back is actually a step in the right direction. That is also one reason I adore working at KLS. I had originally started out interning there as part of the paralegal program--that was supposed to end in May, but I stayed on as a volunteer while waiting for someting to open. Something opened up in October of last year...As cheesy as it may sound, even on difficult days, I completely love working at my job. It is a very female and family friendly place.


M.E Ellis said...

I used to crochet and knit but gave it up after my fingers wanted to stay permanently bent!

I noted on one of your blogspots you like reading.

Hmmm. Come on over to my blog and check out my links. I'm an author, and so are many on my links. You can blog chat with published writers, editors and agents! Good fun!


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