Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is It Autumn Yet?

While summer is nice for gardening, I am getting pretty darn tired of the humidity!

It rained for a little bit yesterday and last night-just enough to get the ground wet enough to send up steady steam as it heated the earth!
I know it is nowhere like being at the ocean or the swamps, but it still is yucky!

On a different note--you know your housekeeping has kicked your butt when you secretly reason that a tornado wouldn't be half bad---it may even help....However, I would just want one that dipped out and sucked up my house, not my neighbors--they are too nice. Plus their homes are clean...unlike mine! This is the first time I have worked outside the home full time since the twins were born. They turn 13 this year....I am having a little bit of trouble keeping up with everything. Luckily I have a husband that works just as hard-if not harder around the house, but it has run away. Sooooo the next month I will concentrate on purging.A friend of mine is part of a group that leaves books in public places with an identification number and instructions for whoever finds it to log in and put info on where they found it and what they thought of it. Then the finder is supposed to "release" the book into the wild again so it can be tracked. Sounds like fun. I am going to start leaving books in coffee houses and send some to friends to release for me in other states.I like the idea of recycling.

Speaking of recycling, I found a really interesting book called "Save the world for a fiver"--it is British, so I actually had to order from an individual on eBay. It is a small book, but has some good ideas that are easy to do such as use a fabric shopping bag for groceries like they do in France. Although I rarely remember shopping bags when I am actually at the store, I will try to be better about it. At bookstores and places I have small purchases, I forgo the bag altogether. I would love to hear about how everyone else does their part, so email me!

I am hoping to get away for at least a three day weekend with my kids when it cools down a bit this Fall. Either to Arkansas for a little outdoors activity or shopping in Eureka Springs or to go up to Kansas City. The kids want to go to Cabello's so bad it isn't even funny! I like Kansas City - both the Missouri and Kansas side. There is something there for everyone.

On the knitting front, I am almost finished with another scarf. I am going to move on to a scarf made in basket weave with alpaca yarn. If you've never played with it, it is sooooo soft! Surprisingly, the yarn I have a huge crush on lately is a novelty yarn I found at Wal-Mart! It is their brand and it is so soft that I am going to hoard some more skeins when I finish with the one I'm on now. I have a pattern for a "Lucy" bag that I have to start on. I am really bad about getting the supplies but freezing up on the start. I guess that is why I like simple scarves and no-brainer patterns. It is much easier to frog a scarf then a lace shawl that has half your life looped into it!

Oops-gotta run!

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