Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy July 4th!

Hopin' everyone is having a bang-up 4th! We are hanging close to home-however not without the proper noise making, ear popping firecrackers required as annual tradition dictates. We usually have a pretty big shin dig at our house every year, but we are opting out this year so we can relax and have a quieter night. If the kids really don't like it, we'll ramp it back up next year. It's kind of nice to not have all the crazy prep but it does feel weird-like I should be running around DOING SOMETHING!

On the knitting homefront: I have been pretty darn negligent in anything related to knitting lately, but I have been making efforts to change that. I went to a family reunion with a friend this Saturday and got quite a bit done on a pretty simple scarf that has been in my project bag forever. The reunion gave me lots of time to sit and knit. I go every couple years to keep my friend company-it gives her someone to talk to. We are assisting with the 2008 reunion so I can guarantee we will have more activities to force the different members to mix. Plus we are definitely going to have kid activities....It was a nice diversion and got me thinking I need to get back East to visit family.

I really need to finish the socks that I started on for my son. I think this is going to be a legacy project!I need to just get to the darn yarn shop and have Mary show me how to TURN THE DAMN HEEL--and all will be right with the universe! I will be glad to get that pair finished as I can then say I have finished a pair and can move on to another pair. I already have the pattern picked out...And of course I have yarn for it! I am eyeing the Weekend Knits book at JoAnn's Craft store near me and I just happen to have a 40% off coupon....HMMMMMM. That store is a major danger to my budget when I have the monthly coupons they send in the mail! I go in thinking I am going to get one thing using the coupon and come out with additional things in tow....Which is probably what keeps them in business....

Jeremy started taking lessons on the pottery wheel. I need to get pictures because he is soooo happy! He and I have been taking handbuilding classes for a couple month but he has been really wanting to throw on the wheel. I made him take two handbuilding then promised him he could move on after that. It is so rare to find a studio that will teach youth to work on the wheel, but we have been going to the Secret Gallery where they have wonderful and patient teachers for both wheel and handbuilding. Jeremy actually got two pots thrown--and had a smile on his face I can't describe---this is what makes it fun to be a Mom. After class he announced he is now a potter....

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