Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Possessed and Possessions

It's official--- the sewing machine I took to the paper piecing class is possessed.

I plugged it in last night, determined to fix the problem, and it ran like a charm. I tried a billion different ways to get it to do what it did at class, but no luck....figures. This is the sewing machine version of taking your car to the mechanic for "that noise" that never happens when anyone is looking at it. Oh well, it has been an incredible machine (it is a Brother NX 200---the least expensive of the line, but an incredible machine at any price) so I guess I should give it one time of being temperamental....However, it did cause a little bit of trouble--- if it had behaved, I never would have touched the little featherweight, which in turn means that I would not have spent time eBaying...oh yeah, and I wouldn't have bought one....OR--maybe my "little brother" realized that paper piecing dulls needles and wanted to save me money by forcing me to get a machine strictly for paper piecing...Great, I am imbuing my machines with the ability to have cognitive reasoning....
I know. I need more coffee.

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