Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quilting Class

This weekend I took a paper piecing class at a local quilt shop in Derby and really had a good time. Actually, the first 2 hours I was really frustrated and ready to throw in the towel because it was just not clicking. Couple that with the fact that my sewing machine that had been running perfectly during the last week, decided it was not going to cooperate at all. We had the most amazingly patient instructor though--he let me use his little Singer Featherweight. I had never seen one before--I thought it was a toy. The instructor said he pieces all his quilts on this little 11 pound machine from the early 50's/late 40s. It only does one thing--sews forward...but I completely fell in love with it. There is apparently quite a following among quilters for this little machine. The instructor said he paid $300 on eBay, so I figured I'd scope it out. I bid on three and got outbid--they went for $340+. I finally found a good auction and in the last 2 minutes, I put in a bid for the highest I was willing to go---I got it for a really good price--far below what the others went for....And far below what some of the other auctions ended at. This machine will be good when I am going to a quilt class that doesn't require any fancy stitches--just straight sewing. I already have fancier machine for other purposes.....I like the pattern we got in class-it is comprised completely of scraps and snippets. It will be a good block to piece as I start working on more quilts and get more scraps...I am looking forward to moving and having space to put up my machines in a permanent spot so I can work when the urge hits me. I will have a corner with all my yarn and knitting stuff's all good.

On the housefront, we had the inspection and they found a couple things wrong--the deck definitely needs to be redone--it comes off the second level where the kitchen is and leads to the yard, so it is key to the house. And then windows need to be replaced along with the downstairs patio door. Water has seeped into the corners....We haven't heard anything from the owner on what they intend to do (options will be to fix or lower price of house so we can make repairs needed...). I hate waiting. More news as it comes in.

This has been a really good day for just hanging out in pajamas and getting boxes packed....The kids are off from school tomorrow, but I can be sure there is not going to be a lot of productivity going on in the house when we are at work...However the trash man is going to be really unhappy when he hits our house.....Why did we not do this before now?

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