Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random Ramblings!

We are in the process of trying to pack to move in June--it suddenly seems like the more we pack, the more there is? It feels like we have had a possessions zip file and as we get things in boxes, the rest of the things DECOMPRESS! I am starting to ask hard questions about how much we want to take over to the new house--even if it is twice the space! I am sooooo looking forward to the move--it is more than a month off and it feels like eternity. I am starting to feel how really small this house is! How did we cram 5 people in this small of a space for 12 years. Granted, the twins were little and so was everyone for that matter (!), but HOLY SMOKES! I am really looking forward to having the extra space to have people over and to entertain. I can finally take advantage of the cookbooks I collect!!!!Good things all over! The only thing we are waiting on is the inspection of the house. That happens Wednesday. Hopefully all is well. The deck is the only thing that looks like it might need replacing, so we will see...It leads off the top floor from the kitchen(the house is a bi-level), so it is pretty impotant to the design of the house....

On the flip side, I am seriously thinking about taking a summer class at the local junior college this summer. I have college algebra and speech left to complete my degree and I have been putting it off for quite some time. I had collapsed my hours at work a while back with the intention of going back to school but then took on extra hours in a department that is my main love, so that got put aside. My hours in mediation have collapsed, so now I have time to do a couple classes. I think just one class would be done easily in the summer--especially speech, since the class would be smaller. While I have no problems presenting speeches to groups, for some odd reason, the thought of a formal speech class has always terrified me. Time to get it done!

Jeremy has a piano recital today. Hopefully I will have pictures -if my camera cooperates. I am seriously considering getting a different camera this month. This one is nice, but it takes quite a while for the shutter to snap the picture--resulting in blurred pictures often. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

On the knitting side--I completed an extra round on the legacy socks today. I HAVE to turn the heel or my son is going to end up with a pair of thigh highs--and we all know how cute that won't be on a teenage boy!!! They would have to be presented with a side order of psychotherapy!

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