Sunday, August 03, 2008


More than a week ago, this was the scene out my back door. Apparently there is going to be a new house in the neighborhood. These guys took two days to dig holes, then a huge influx of workers hit the next day and got the foundation poured. After that, it rained for the next week. I am going to send this construction crew to the drought ridden South since prior to their arrival, we had no rain and nothing but blue skies! The foundation and retaining walls are now up, but I guess they are waiting for things to dry out. This frantic bit of activity has given my three dogs unending amounts of entertainment as they stand on the second story deck and bark furiously at the construction crew (who ignore them, imagine that!) until I yell at them and make them come inside. It is going to be an odd shaped lot and it is also right up against the public park. I'm not so sure I'd want that house, but to each his own.
I had to share some cute beagle pics. This is Buddy after a hard day of...well, a hard day of just being a beagle....Doesn't he just look exhausted?!
Put down the damn camera, human. Geez! Who gave that darn human a camera? Which is also what the girls at Twist say...I'll post THOSE pics tomorrow...and yes, Jackie, Jill, Shelly, and Sally--there are pictures of you. I think the photo of Jackie should be our KIP logo...just a teaser for now.
And Jill, you were wrong-photoshop CAN erase your handcuffs and the cop... oopsie! Did I say too much?

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