Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Remember the legacy socks I have been whining about finishing? Well tonight after perusing so many knitting websites and seeing the spectacular handknitted socks, I was sooooo hyped and ready to GET 'EM DONE! So I putter over to the bag I so carefully packed the project in ( I even put them in a zip lock so no buggies can get in after reading a really scary story about wool moths--but I digress....anyway, I pull out the project and remember exactly why I completely adore this yarn (Baby Star by Laines Du Nord). Out comes the project, the extra yarn that I am so OCD about getting (so I never run out mid project), the tape measure, stitch markers, and pattern. Wait---where is the #$#$% pattern? Certainly I packed the pattern with the project....NOT! What was I thinking? Maybe if I could figure that out, I would know where I put the darn project!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGG! So, needless to say, I will have to go to my LYS to pick up another copy of the pattern. Luckily it is a giveaway pattern, but it sits right next to this yarn that is my weakness! Did I mention Baby Star comes in RED? This is going to be an expensive pattern. Not that the yarn is expensive ($7.00 for 1.79 oz--50 grams for you metric people) but I can't go into the store and not fondle this yarn, which then means I have to buy it. It's the yarn store version of "you break, you buy", which happens because I drool on the yarn.
Darn. However, tomorrow I will go to the store and set a goal to at least get to the heel. Turning the heel is intimidating me, but I guess I will learn to frog....I would have pictures, but it appears my camera is MIA somewhere in the house (I hope)...

Oh yeah, I also inquired about buying a Columbine spinning wheel today.....Maybe that will offset any yarn considerations...luckily hubby does not read my blog--as far as I know. If he does, I'll know it....Hi HONEY!

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