Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The legacy socks

In the process of cleaning out, I pulled out the ever present LEGACY SOCKS. Remember these? These are the socks I started--my first socks-my only sock attempt--and then stopped after the cuffs got done.......Well, I made the mental commitment that I am going to sit down and get them done in the next couple months. I adore hand knitted socks--really, I do! But it seems I got to the part just under the cuff and froze...So I am going to go down to my LYS and have her sit with me while I get over the learning curve. I even have a video in my knitting DVD collection that features socks, so REALLY---I have no excuses. And the fact that I really found the k2p2 cuffs very relaxing to knit....
I woke up to really thick fog this morning. I like fog, however it makes driving downtown a challenge. There is a category of drivers that I run into (hopefully not literally) that I call Peek-A-Boo drivers. If they can't see the light from a mile a way, it doesn't exist, right?

Have a great day! Knit a row for me!

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