Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And a Happy Tuesday to you!

I am looking forward to the end of the week---this has been one of those whirlwind weeks where I've gotten too little sleep and have too much to do!

I have been stressing out because the landlord told us he wants to sell the house SOON. We have been here almost 11 years...I know, money wasted. However, it was right for us to rent. We'll have a good lump of money to put down on a house, but I am wanting to look at what is available in our little town. The landlord is going to ask an awful lot for the square footage of this house as opposed to the tax appraised value. We have an appointment with a realtor to look at other properties on Friday. I do dread the whole moving business though. Hubby is holding out hope he can talk him down on the price, but LL seems to be pretty firm that paint and new carpet is going to net him $15,000 above the tax appraised price. Did I mention there are quite a few newer homes on the market for only a little more than what he is considering? Yep, this is stress....oh well, so is life.

On the work front, I added 15 hours to my work week-up to 35 hours for the time being. They were needing extra hands and I have extra time, so I put my name in the hat. Hubby is pretty adamant he does not want me working 40 hrs a week since it gets so busy around our house, but 35 is manageable. I get off work at 4:00. I may shift it around so that I get off at 3:30, but for now this is the schedule. I plan to use this extra money for new furniture, which we really need. Our current furniture has seen lots of animal paws and human traffic. If we move, I plan to take very little of our current furniture with us (as little as it is already) and the new furniture will be a little more contemporary.

I guess I'd better scuttle off to work...Have a great Tuesday!

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