Thursday, March 15, 2007

Morning Post

Technically I should be getting ready for work....instead of sitting here with a cup of coffee posting a blurb....the time change has really been hard for me to adjust to! Especially since every morning since Monday has been enveloped in a really thick blanket of fog. This morning is not quite as foggy, but it still has a little fog involved. I am looking forward to this weekend when things slow down a little. I think a three day weekend would be great right now, but we don't have any of those coming up for a while....

While cleaning the basement, I realized that my yarn stash is REALLY big--I have yarn stashed that I : a) Have forgotten about b) SHOULD have forgotten about and c) would like to forget about! So, the ones in the last two categories are going to be packaged together in lots of 6 skeins and given to members in my knitting group that are teaching others to knit. A large amount of it is acrylic Red Heart or Simply Soft, which I still like for certain projects (project that will see lots of use or are going to households that do not understand that wool felts)---but I really need to clear space if we are going to have to move or have the house appraised so we can buy it.
So far this year I have not kept up on my knitting resolutions, but I have pulled out the legacy socks and am going to figure out exactly how to finish them. I am looking at toe up socks next time. My son that likes hand knit socks (go figure, he's 13 and actually appreciates the work involved) has really large feet. If he ever grows into those, he will tower over me!

I guess it is time to get to work. Great coffee and soft yarn to you and yours!

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