Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

A couple weeks ago, Shelly (owner of Twist) wanted to learn to spin so we sat down and I showed her a little of what I know. She is a NATURAL spinner!! After a couple minutes, she was off and running like she'd been spinning for years! This picture has been hanging out in my camera so I figured I'd better share. JUST LOOK AT THE DETERMINATION ON HER FACE....but then, I MAY have been behind the camera heckling and trying to get her to vogue for the camera, so that may be the look of someone contemplating if there was a hammer within throwing distance...

Hubby is at an engineering conference in Washington D.C until tomorrow. A convention full of engineers--doesn't that sound like unbridled wildness and mayhem? I bet there is nothing in that building that has not been measured or analyzed...I will SOOOO not launch into any discussion on that.

It has felt weird not having him here. On Tuesday night, I suddenly realized I would have to get up and take the boys to school...Crap! Usually hubby does that on his way to work since I am not a morning person (and that is an understated understatement!!). I was so afraid I was going to oversleep that I set the alarm on my cell phone and two other alarms. Had I been able to focus my eyes and the camera that early, I would have shared the really nasty glares the cats gave me as each alarm went off..Cute man is back late tomorrow night--I will be glad.

I have stayed pretty close to home except when I went to The Newton Beadery to help Julie at the shop yesterday. We were having REALLY bad weather and I got a good scare driving back to Wichita in the pounding rain...YIKES. Luckily Newton is only 20 miles from the Wichita city limits....On Tuesdays and Thursday I help out at Twist. On Wednesdays I help out at The Beadery. Actually I HOPE I'm helping...I really feel blessed that I am able to be around both shops!! I will post pictures of all the new stuff at both shops next week. Julie and Shelly are pretty cooperative so there is no competition. I'm so glad since I LOVE both shops! Like I said, I am SO blessed to be able to be at both stores! Julie is going to be selling spinning wheels pretty soon, so spinners in our area will have a great place to look at wheels. Both shops will be carrying fiber for spinning. GOOD STUFF!!!

I am working on a shop model for a shawl that will be at The Beadery soon. You know how completely addicted I am to Lorna's Laces--this is in their Lion and Lamb 50% wool/50% silk yarn. I am absolutely drooling over the glimmer in this yarn and the unbelievable beauty of it! I am looking for a stitch pattern that will highlight this feature. It is worsted (but not much heavier, if at all) weight, so whatever stitch pattern I chose should work up quickly. I had started a cable and lace stitch pattern, but frogged it since I don't think it captured the colorway...I'll post when I get it done and let you know when you can see it in Newton. It will be a shop model so I'll also get a pattern written up for it.

And below is my good/evil snack of the day. What is the best drink to wash down a big honkin' fork full of chocolate hazelnut spread? Well DIET RITE COLA OF COURSE! lol....I didn't have time to properly focus the picture because the camera couldn't keep up with the speed of the fork as it sailed towards my mouth!! YUM!!Trust me, it is good stuff.......Good thing I'm watching what I eat, huh? And for those of you proper people who are disturbed by the fact I used a fork for the jar, I must say in my defense that the garden trowel wouldn't fit in the jar.

Neither would the shovel.


Lara said...

What kind of chocolate hazelnut spread is that? It's clearly not Nutella. How does it compare to Nutella? Pricewise and yumminess-wise. I demand details! :p

Rhonda said...

It is the chocolate hazelnut spread from World Market at 21st and Webb (or 21st and Greenwhich--I just go East on 21st until I hit the complex where the Super Target is--they are right next door). It is SOOOOOOO good! I think it cost $4.99, but the jar is much bigger (which is important when you are appeasing an addiction to the stuff, right?)..As you can see, I totally forgo the spreading on the cracker business and just shoot it straight--only because the plan to try to IV it didn't seem feasible given it's consistency.LOL!

Lara said...

Ahhhh, that is right down the street from my house. I go to that Super Target all the time, but I've never ventured into the World Market. I'll have to wander in sometime. (I think that's why I haven't gone yet. I want to explore kid-free.)

I like Nutella on crepes. Soooo yummy! And crepes are easy to make, like super-flat pancakes.