Monday, April 07, 2008

Full of HOT AIR

Friday evening I was on my way to our dinner group and this caught my attention...Hot Air Balloons in the field behind the bus barn here in Haysville. The one in the picture above was preparing to take off as I passed, so even though I was running late, I HAD to turn around and watch. The one below was having problems, so I didn't see him take off in the 20 minutes I sat mesmerized....They were so gorgeous!!

As I waited, this balloon circled the field and came right over top of me and my camera---And suddenly I got the notion that I want to ride in a hot air balloon. Did I ever mention I am afraid of heights? And fire? So I have no idea where the urge to "rise several hundred feet in the ground while standing in a gondola attached by ropes and standing next to an engine that is shooting hot air/FIRE into a fabric container" came from. I'm still in awe of these. I actually got the name of the guy in this balloon from a lady in the group, so I am going to be giving him a call. I THINK....

And what is a post without a cute animal picture?

Speckles takes full advantage of the warming properties of the patio windows. Don't let the sweet and innocent look fool you. Although she has been declawed, she can chomp down on you so fast you won't even know what hit (bit) you!

We've had awfully weird weather around here this month. So far this season it has hailed twice. The last hail storm left half dollar sized hail pummeling the cars. I have hail dings on my new car--DARN IT. I am pretty darn motivated to get the garage cleaned out this summer!!

Cute man and I spent part of Sunday planting rose bushes all over the back yard. I am going to buy 5 more tomorrow for the front yard. I found them at Big Lots (the store) for $2.50!! At that price, I may pick up 10....Most of the ones we planted Sunday were climbing roses. The ones I plant out front will be bush roses. Our contractor should be starting on our back deck soon, so I don't want to plant too much near that area yet. Once they are done, I am going to go nuts with my gardens! We still have to find a pear tree for Mark. Jeremy planted a cherry tree last year when we moved in.

I guess I'd better sign off, it is storming I said, we are having really strange weather this season....

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