Friday, April 25, 2008

Final Friday post

On the last Friday of each month, several businesses and galleries exhibit art and have little things going on. I usually miss it each month for one reason or another, but tonight I went to Twist to sit and knit with Cindy for a while. It was a lot of fun. I got to talk to quite a few people interested in knitting and then had a wonderful conversation with a couple - the wife wants to learn to spin. I pulled out my wheel that I keep at the shop and spun for a little while talking with them. I haven't spun in a couple weeks, so it was extremely relaxing.

I also got to work a little on a shop sock for Twist in Noro sock yarn. I do have to say that when you first touch this yarn it is scratchy and icky feeling--like the Noro Kureyon. However, give it at least an inch of knitting and it will win you over. We are going to wash the shop sock in Eucalaan wash to show everyone the difference after it is washed. I've noticed that knitters either really love or really hate Noro. However, their colorways completely rock! And the yarns do soften with time...Really, they do!

I spent part of the day at the library looking at a stitch pattern book. I ended up checking out the Vogue Stitchionary Vol. 1 (knit and purl)...I have a stitch dictionary here at the house, but I have been a little disappointed with it. I may end up getting a copy of the Vogue series. The main reason I am on the great hunt is that I am trying to find a stitch pattern that will compliment the Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb yarn that I am working up for the Newton Beadery. I had started one in a cable and lace pattern, but I didn't think it showed off the glimmer of this yarn enough. It is gorgeous!!

I plan to hang around the house for the larger part of this weekend and chill. What are your plans? What is your idea of "the perfect weekend"?

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Annie said...

My idea of the perfect weekend is not the weekend I'm going to have. The rehab got the playroom (where we stored all the stuff that was in the rooms we're rehabbing) full of floor-sanding dust. Today is the day to mitigate some/most of that. Yuck.

I'd like to just knit and walk the dogs...