Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Little Off...

Another picture of the flowers at Botanica.

The boys were out of school on Friday, so today feels like Sunday...I'm having problems remembering the correct day! Since the boys have Monday off too, it is really going to make my week feel odd. Oh well. I do like having them at home. They had friends spend the night last night, so we had 4 teenage boys running amuck in my house. Luckily they are all good kids, so it was more amusing than anything.

Jeremy and I went to pottery this afternoon. I really like working on the wheel.

I have 9 pots in various stages on my shelf right now. So far I am doing mainly cylinders, with an occasional rounded pot. I am trying to get more control over the clay which will enable me to bring up larger and taller pots. I want to throw a series of ceramic tumblers or large tall mugs. I think we might start having dinners for our regular dinner group at our house starting in the late summer/early fall and I'd love to make special mugs for each of these events. Usually our dinner group goes to a different restaurant in Wichita every two weeks. I think it would be fun to have an informal potluck in our backyard at least once a month. I have a gazillion cookbooks in our home library, and I need to justify their existence by actually COOKING out of them.

At some point tomorrow I will start my tomato seeds and some watermelon seeds. I want to have a good sized veggie and herb garden this season. I have been thinking of ways to stretch the food budget this season and a home garden will definitely help. I also like the idea that I can grow my food without chemicals. Have you ever considered how many chemical are entering your body through food? I never considered it much in the past, but I have been doing some "green reading" and it is a little scary. I don't think it is practical for my house to go completely green in one swoop, but I am altering my buying and some of my daily habits gradually. Thankfully organic fruits are coming down in price. I loved shopping at Wild Oats in Tulsa when we had our girls weekend. There is a really nice natural foods grocery store on the east side of Wichita called Green Acres, but I'm not always over on that side of town. When I visited Atlanta last year, my friend took me to Whole Foods. We have two little stores here in Wichita called Whole Foods, but they are not part of the chain. If you have an opportunity to visit the chain Whole Food store, you will be absolutely amazed! There is one in Overland Park, Kansas (near Kansas City) that I will be visiting when I go to KC this summer. YEAH!!

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