Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Remember Me?

I kept waiting for a really cool picture of a current project to post, but as you can see, I've hit an unproductive patch! And the bad part is there are two great project right at my fingertips! The cupcake hat and the baby Albert coat call to me, but I haven't had time to pick them up! I've got to learn to prioritize,I know. It should be KNIT,eat, sleep,work....I know it's all part of the cycle of life in general. but it doesn't make it any easier to look at my yarn stash and know I have the making for several projects if I just get started!!! I may just have to go to my LYS for a fresh round of inspiration....Luckily my destashing resolution did not say anything about pattern buying---so I've managed to stay pretty close to keeping it...notice I said PRETTY CLOSE...we all can't be perfect!

Seed catalogs are starting to come in with increased frequency---I can't wait to plant a garden this year. I haven't in about 3 years, and I really miss it. I am going to dig up the flower beds in the front of the house this weekend if it is warm, so I have plenty of time to amend the soil if needed. I used to grow tons of zinnias when we lived in Oklahoma --they grew with such ease! I have planted zinnias several times here with no good luck. I think it is my soil. Zinnias make wonderful splashes of color set in a vase in any room. Although one year I learned not to cup the flower with my hand after a rainstorm. Did you know bumblebees take shelter from the storm by pressing themselves to the underside of a really big zinnia? I found that out the hard way!!!!
I have bought a ton of veggie seeds this year. I want to can a lot more than I did last year--which will be easy since I DIDN'T CAN ANYTHING last season...How's that for setting the standard? Hell, if I can get one jar of jam canned, I've met the goal...snicker...

I guess I'd better start getting ready for work. Have a great day and knit a little for me (hey, just because I'm slouching doesn't mean everyone should follow my example!)...Pictures to come eventually (how's that for non-committal)...


Marigold said...

I'm getting carried away with the seed catalogs too...some of my seed order came yesterday, and I was sitting over the seed packets, going "oooh, oooh, pretty..." Zinnias, I have problems with because I get impatient to plant them, and they only will grow if the soil is warm enough. And stays wet. and i forget to water them. Oops.

Rhonda said...

Last year I tried to convince the neighbors that brown was the new green in lawncare fashion...it didn't work.
I figure if I can't keep up with it this year, it's time for a honkin' huge Zen stone garden!Or artificial flowers!Hobby Lobby, here I come!
Every year I get really ambitious when I order--and this year the seed catalogs are calling to me..I probably should look for earplugs!
Have you seen the catalog from Pine Tree Seeds (out of Maine)?I love them and they are really good quality. I've ordered from them the past 10 years.

Amanda1 said...

Hey, linked here from a link on a link on a link of a blog I was on.

Anyway, I enjoyed poking around you blog!