Monday, June 25, 2007


I'm just hanging out and enjoying the quiet that is MY house right now. Hubby has taken one of the twins to baseball and the others are scattered throughout. I am sitting here listening to the new Maroon 5 is quite good and has a great beat to knit to. Here is a link for a sampling of their new and past album. Both are really good...which surprises my kids that I like this... have a pretty diverse taste in music--just about everything is good except rap. I don't understand that stuff....

I am contemplating ordering some blackberry bushes to put in the back yard. If I do it this summer, then we will have blackberries for next summer....Blackberry-peach jam...yummmm. There is a peach orchard down the street that I usually buy peaches for eating and jam. Two years ago I found a u-pick blackberry farm and made blackberry peach jam..It was soooo good!The only problem was the blackberries were really expensive. I figure if I have a half a dozen bushes of a high producing variety, that's be awesome!! Our yard is smaller than the previous house, so these will have to be bushes that double as foliage/landscaping. I found a thorn less variety that is looking really good... I'm excited about finally having room to can a ton of jams this year. I love making jams. I usually give them for Christmas gifts too but haven't had the space to spread out and can in the past two years. This year, LOOK OUT!

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