Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I haven't disappearred, I promise...

It has been a rough month in our household. We completed the move, have started getting things arranged (notice I said started), and I get sick....figures. Luckily I have plenty of sick days built up, so using two days was not a huge chunk..However, being gone does not mean the workload goes away. I figure I will be up to my eyeballs tomorrow and Friday.

It feels really weird being in a larger home. Once I feel better, I am going to start working on some wall quilts. There is a lot of blank wall space in this house that I must compulsively fill up...

Our knitting group is having another sock class this Friday. I am really looking forward to it since they teach the toe up method. The lady that teaches it is a sock maker extraordinaire! She taught the class once before but I wasn't able to get to it. I am excited. Toe up seems to be a good way to do socks since you can adjust the length of the foot before it's off the needles.

I'd better sign off for now, but I'm sending warm wishes your direction.

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