Friday, June 15, 2007

A little move is good for the soul....

Hell on the body, but good for the soul....I am finding a ton of books I "was going to read", projects I was going to finish, yarn I was going to knit and of course a fabric stash of epic proportions. WHERE was all this stuff hiding?

I have more than enough to keep me and half the neighborhood busy. I found a ton (probably literally) of old Red Heart yarn from my "learn to crochet" days. I am going to donate part of it and them use a larger portion for some charity afghans. I know some people refuse to knit or crochet with red heart, but for projects such as baby blankets and afghans for homeless shelters that are going to get a lot of love and use, it can't be beat. It can be abused in any way and still washes up great. I should know, my kids still have some of their blankies from 11 years ago that were made with the stuff.

It feels really weird to have this much space. We have more than doubled our living space and it feels really good. I'm sure it will feel better when all the boxes are unpacked, but that may take a while. I plan to get motivated this weekend while cute man is putting the kids' bunk bed together. We have to find a futon mattress this weekend also, so there will be a shopping trip to the furniture store. It's strange that some of the furniture from the old house that seemed soooo big there, feels like it is in miniature at this house. I guess everything changes with the context of it's surroundings.

Cute man and I are planning a get away at the end of July. He won a scuba diving class when we were at the Cessna open house and there is a "field trip" for the second course at Beaver Lake in Arkansas. Non diving spouses can tag along for a small fee, so I am going too. It is pretty close to Eureka Springs--which is my favorite place! I plan to bring yarn, needles and fabric and just craft away while everyone else is diving. I take a beginning applique class at a local quilt shop on the Thursday before we leave, so that will be something to bring along.

I guess I'd better head off and get ready for work. It's Friday so I have lots of loose ends to tie up. I will post pictures of the new house this weekend.

Good coffee and warm wishes to you and yours!

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