Friday, March 07, 2008

Can you?

Hated the pattern, but I am completely in love with the Lorna's Laces yarn..I will definitely be going to The Beadery in Newton for more....It should be called knitter's crack...One skein and you are totally hooked and searching for ways to get more......The colorways are so pretty and the yarn works up really well (with the right pattern...say no more...). Unfortunately I have to miss the sock of the month class (it is a toe up sock)tomorrow, which makes me sad, but Candice will do one on one classes, so I'll be going in for some therapy--I mean a class---to learn this technique. Is that not GORGEOUS or what!!!!
Above is the beginning of the March sock at Twist (Peak Experience by Fiber Trends). I think I'm going to like this pattern a lot. It has a stitch I haven't used before, so I will be learning something new, but I don't think it will be anything that I can't handle. I'm using one of the Zircus colorways by Opal. I've never played with Opal yarn before but it seems really nice. My friend Cindy is probably really tired of the colorway though. Let me tell you a little story....

Not having a ball winder (YET!), I figured I could just improvise and use a size 13 needle and use it like a nostper....whatever that Scandinavian center pull ball making stick thingy I start unwinding the skein around the needle..And winding...and winding....400+ yards doesn't seem like a very big wad of string--UNTIL YOU ARE WINDING IT AROUND A SIZE 13 NEEDLE WITH NO END IN SIGHT...

To make a looooooooooong story short, learn from me. It doesn't turn out good...When Cindy came over to sit and knit, she got to hold that @#$* needle so I could finish winding it onto the needle only to turn around and roll it into a ball--all 400+ ....If I could have picked up my camera and got a picture of Cindy's face without having to give serious consideration as to how to hold a camera and deflect a size 13 knitting needle that is being hurled towards my personal space, I would have captured the look on Cindy's face....priceless. For everything else, there's MasterCard--which is exactly what I will be using to get me a %$@* ball winder this week!!!

What's a post without a gratuitous cute animal picture. AWWWWWWW...

I should probably step away from the computer. I just ordered 10 pounds of kumquats to make jams and jellies...yes--10 POUNDS....I certainly better find a darn good canning recipe between now and the time they arrive! Actually I was just going to order 5 pounds, but for only a little more, I got the full 1/4 bushel...It's a good thing I LOVE to make jams and jellies. I had better get all my canning supplies ready so I can spend an entire day getting these puppies processed. Can you guess what everyone is going to get as part of their Easter goodies (except anyone allergic to citrus of course --- you can breathe easy Cindy. We love you so no kumquats for you....I'm definitely not going to knock off someone who puts up with all my "quirks").

Oh well! Good coffee and great friends to you and yours!

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