Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Look what came in the mail today! KUMQUATS! They are approximately quarter to half dollar sized and I got 10 pounds of them to make jams and chutney. We may lose about a third of them to just plain munching. They are sooo good! You slice them in half to get the seeds out, then pop them in your mouth skin and all. Actually it is REALLY important to eat the skin too since the kumquat is really shockingly tart, then you get the really sweet flavor of the skin to soften it. I can tell you, they are addictive straight out of the box!!!
I will get all my canning supplies together tomorrow and spend Friday making jams. I might even have to order another box of these if the jams turn out well. The season ends April 15th, so I do have a little time. Ten pounds of kumquats sounds like a lot, but you use a lot of fruit when you are canning since the fruit tends to cook down....Holy smokes these little things are good. The link to the kumquat growers association is in one of my last posts....I'll post it again later...
It was such a beautiful day today! I went to Twist and took my spinning wheel so Shelly could have a try. She is a natural spinner! She is also starting to carry some roving from a Mulvane, Kansas sheep person. It really felt nice! If Shelly starts selling chocolate, it'll be a one stop addiction shop!

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Donna said...

I have a friend who loves kumquats. He made Sangria once for us with them that was great! Your canning adventure sounds fun. I look forward to seeing the finished product.