Saturday, March 15, 2008


They were having the KAWS fiber gathering at CityArts today and unfortunately I was unable to attend due to a schedule conflict (I was having my jewelry class). However I did get to see a couple of the vendors. The Yarn Barn (Lawrence, Kansas) was there with a couple wheel you could try out. One was a ladybug...OMG!!! I am completely in love with this little portable jewel! I can REALLY see adding one of these to my other wheels so I can have one that transports easily. It treadle like it was floating on air! If their other models treadle like that, I'm in BIG ($$$) trouble...

I did pick up some really neat dyed roving while there. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

After chainmaille class at CityArts, I went over to Twist to hang out and help a little. Shelly, the owner, has a wheel and is in the process of learning to spin. I taught her some of the basics and she caught on immediately. You should see her spin! She's a natural!!I've got a couple pictures of her spinning but I'll wait until I ask her if it OK to post them on my blog--I completely forgot to ask! I am seriously considering taking the spinning class offered at The Beadery this month in Newton. I love taking classes from as many instructors as possible. You learn something new each time. Never quit learning!!

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