Monday, July 14, 2008

What A Tangled Web We Weave....

Sometimes, even the pros can get in a pickle.

Usually I'm the one doing fancy funky cat's cradle-string-arty-things with customer's yarn while winding it--but this time it was Shelly's turn.

And what an adventure it was.

Did I mention it was NORO -- the velcro of yarns? This stuff would stick to a greased pig..AND NO !! I HAVE NOT TRIED IT...So after doing interesting designs, she called for reinforcements. Wisely, she did NOT call for me.

EXPERIENCE is not always the best teacher, but in this case, it was pretty darn entertaining.

Little Ms. Jenny 8 balls (I'll tell you THAT story at the end of this post) thought she could sweep right in and get that wild tangle of Japanese wool under control lickety split. Well, I had to get out my camera. After a few minutes, you can see how successful THAT turned out.

Of course, I was totally heckling from the sidelines.

And in an attempt to get it under control, Jen struck the YARN VIXEN pose you see below.

From this day forward, knitters with daughters have an alternative to the "penny birth control advice" that comes in so handy. You know the one where you give your daughter (niece or any free range teenage female whose offspring you don't want to raise) a penny and tell her that the way to prevent babies is to take that penny, squeeze it between her legs..


As modeled above by Jen, a strand of yarn will do in a pinch if you've spent your last penny on yarn....

FOR THE LOVE OF NORO, JEN-- DON'T DROP THAT STRAND!!!! Actually, I think I'll save the story of why I call her "Little Ms. Jenny 8 Balls" for later...I'll just leave you hanging.

Note added later (7/17) : As typical ME --I got the names turned around (reality dyslexia?) --JEN was winding and Shelly came to her assistance. I came in at the point that Shelly had the look of determination on her face in the fisrt picture. It didn't make the situation any less hilarious, but I did want to make sure I at least tried to stay true to the situation. And they did get it untangled, after I got a LOT of really good pictures and blackmail photos for later...

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