Saturday, May 19, 2007

And a Happy Saturday to you!

I'm a little slow getting around this morning but it has already started out to be a good day.

The post person just delivered two quilting books to my door. Normally I shy away from book of the month type clubs, but I do subscribe to one called Zooba that lets you pick the books you want sent each month. You just out them on a list and one book from your list is sent to you each month. Since the books only cost $9.99 including shipping, I have saved a mint on a lot of my knitting books! I have a book on knitting sweaters from the top down due to come to me this month. I am looking forward to that one. It seems to me that knitting from the top down makes pretty good sense. They don't have a huge selection of knitting books, but I have received a pretty good spectrum and have saved a bundle ( a penny saved is a yarn skein stashed---ok, I took a little creative license with that quote, but maybe Ben Franklin would have said that if he was a knitter!)...

Can you believe the gas prices? Let me know what you plan to do to conserve gas and money. What is gas running in your area?As I stated earlier, I am bundling trips together, buying more online and just plain making do with what I already have (shopping at the Davis department store!)....I guess that puts a small hole in the different small town a month plan that I had at the beginning of the year, but maybe I will just be creative. Since I am 5 months behind in actually posting the small town pic and postings, I will get it started by the end of the month. The first batch of small towns that I visit and knit in will be around Wichita, although Salina, Kansas is really looking good. They are more than an hour away, but there is a beautiful yarn store in that town (it has gotten rave reviews from some of the Wichita knitters that I know) and there is a quilting/fabric store that is completely awesome's like buying an ice cream sundae and getting a free sprinkle of chocolate chips!

I will tag 8 people tonight so I can keep up with Marigold's Random tag....beware, you never know if I'm going to tag YOU!! It is so fun to visit other's blog site when they leave a comment...I have found some of the neatest people that way, so leave a comment and let me know who you are...I'd love to read your blog!

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Marigold said...

The biggest thing I'm doing to save gas, is to stop driving. We live 3 blocks from a library, and can definitely walk it, but during the winter, I got into a bad habit of driving to the library. No more! Walking to the library = excercise + books!

And, I try to cut down on non-essential trips. I don't really need to go shopping, when I know I'm not going to buy anything.