Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend is here!!!

This was a pretty interesting week.
Thursday the country singer Craig Morgan was shooting a video literally in from of our office. It was surprisingly painless. I was dreading the traffic and mayhem and people parking in my lot at work. That didn't happen. It was really well maintained. However, I now realize that a 3-4 minute song takes much more than 8 hours to shoot....All of us in the office have the first 10 words of Craig's song memorized, followed by the word "CUT". After the first 20 times they did the same 10 words to the song over and over and over again, it got a little old. Luckily everyone in the office agreed it was a really good song--even the ones that didn't like country, so we all got through it..... We were all feeling sorry for Craig and his band members after the 90th take...that would get soooo old. I guess it looks easier on the video than it really is. These guys earn their money. At one point Craig was playing around on a dirt bike--I got laughed at by some of the girls in the office because I REALLY wanted to yell at him for not having a helmet on....and the fact that one of the pick-up trucks had a very young child in the back....granted they only moved 5 feet, but still........It was funny to watch the people interact from our vantage point on the 5th floor. The girls in the brown/gold jeep got a lot of male attention....I have more funny stories to tell, but maybe later...So, as far as the video, it should be really good, however: CRAIG---WEAR A DARN HELMET WHEN YOU ARE ON A BIKE--EVEN FOR A HALF BLOCK!

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