Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Monday to You

Wanted to do a quick post before I leave for work. It seems like morning is the best time for me to do posting since my evenings are so full.

On the home front: Everything is in place for us to take possession of the house June 2---I am pretty excited. I read through my blog last night and realized how many times I said "if we buy a house" or "if we buy the house we're in" or something to that effect. Isn't it funny how putting something in writing causes the wheels of change to move one way or another?

I spent a little time packing yesterday and found all kinds of neat things that had been hidden away. It's almost like Christmas....Hubby and I went to Target yesterday and looked at furniture. I'm pretty surprised at how nice some of their furniture is. We will probably wait to get new stuff until we actually get to the new house (no reason to move it twice), but we did snag some pretty well made gaming chairs for $78.00. They were marked down from $99.00, so we snagged two. I had been looking for some nice gaming chairs for the kids but most of the ones I've seen are flimsy---these are pretty heavy.

On the gas front: It is down to 3.06 a gallon (that is as of yesterday, we all know it changes). Not great, but better than what it was. It is still going to put a huge pinch in my errand running and buying. A friend from Wyoming said gas there was $2.89---lucky.....and then I think " $2.89 LUCKY?!! I want gas under $2.00 again!" Ever notice that it may go down, but creeps right back up, like the gas companies are slowly numbing us...I did see a funny thing this week though. When gas hit $3.10 in Wichita, one of our stations here still had it for $2.96--there was a line of cars 10-15 deep of really big cars and trucks waiting to get gas at that price. Here's my problem: If you have one of those huge gas eaters and are idling in a line 10 deep, by the time you get to the pump, you have burned off any savings, and probably wasted an additional amount of gas.....think about it.

I picked up the new Interweave Knits last night, mainly because it had a really good article about knitting toe up socks---the last couple issues I passed on because there was not enough "non sweater/shirt" stuff. I think they should have a little more accessory patterns, more socks, bags, hats, etc for those of us who are not ready to commit to an intricate sweater or camisole (I know, everyone's a critic!) . They do have really wonderful sock patterns and hat patterns and their stitch technique articles are incredible, so it is not like I never buy it, I just seek out the issues with a little more accessory patterns or easy sweater patterns for beginners. I will say that there is a cables sweater pattern (it has a sweater for the woman and a vest for the guy) that piqued my interest. I think I could see myself doing those....which is another reason to buy it. I will be able to look through it more this evening when I take a kid to soccer practice, so I'm sure I'll have more to say. However, I do have to add that if you see the new issue. it is well worth the cover price, s snag a copy.

I guess I'm at the bottom of my coffee cup and that is a sign I'd better get ready for work!
Great griends and good coffee to you and yours!

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Cactusneedles said...

I bought my IK today, too. I'll look at it tonight at baseball practice. I, too, was interested in the toe up socks.